Among so many trails, the Germans have not forgotten about tourism. There will be the BMW R 1300 RT, a paradigm of comfort and technology

From the German media Motorrad Online they have agreed with the always creative Kar Lee to give us a global view of what we can expect from thethe upcoming BMW R 1300 RTpossibly the most eagerly awaited model by the German firm’s road users. The final conclusion they have reached is that it should be more comfortable, powerful, convenient and equipped… Just asking for it.

It is clear that the RT family is considered by many lovers of high-performance Touring as a benchmark within the sector. This is why BMW Motorrad is thinking and rethinking before launching the new generation of the model to the market. However, the R 1300 RT It could be closer than many think, and also full of new features.

BMW R 1300 RT: Probably by 2025

Since the end of last year we have been asking ourselves the same question: When will we see an R 1300 RT? We still don’t have the answer, but we can guess what could be coming. And if we talk about BMW, this is synonymous with a lot of technology, safety and equipment. Kar Lee Design thinks the same as us, based on the virtual designs it has made on request for its German colleagues.

Of course, it will have the mechanics launched in the R 1300 GS, the new 1,300 cc boxer engine capable of offering power in the order of 145 hp (107 kW) at 7,750 rpm and with a maximum torque of 149 Nm at 6,500 rpm. Likewise, given the philosophy of the model, a fuel tank of at least 25 literswith a range of autonomy around 600 kilometers.

At the chassis level, elements such as the Telelever suspension system anchored to the new main steel frame with a bolted aluminium subframe should always be present. All of this is accompanied by a general redesign of the bodywork that not only provides greater protection and comfort, but also an improvement in the figures related to the Cx of the bike.

When will the new BMW R 1300 RT be released? Kar Lee gives us his personal vision of what is to come

It could also introduce some elements aimed at this purpose, such as mobile side panels to avoid air resistance in certain circumstances. In fact, the brand has even filed some patents related to this technology.

Of course, the technological level must be up to par with a motorcycle like the R 1300 RT. In this respect, BMW Motorrad has a multitude of systems and equipment elements that enhance the overall qualities of the bike:

  • Front and rear radar control
  • Full-LED lighting with curve activation system
  • Heated seat and grips
  • Electronically adjustable front windshield
  • GPS and audio system
  • Integrated connectivity system
  • Large TFT display in the instrument cluster, etc.

When will the new BMW R 1300 RT be released? Kar Lee gives us his personal vision of what is to come

To top off this technological compendium, we cannot miss, we do not know if as standard or optional, the inclusion of the new automatic transmission “Automated Shift Assistant” (ASA), which we assume will be the first to be introduced in the new R 1300 GSA (Adventure version of the everlasting trail model).

In any case, we will have to continue waiting for the brand to offer us some news on the matter, although everything indicates that we will not enjoy the new R 1300 RTat least until next season.

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