Are you looking for 17 inch tires? Two you should buy and one you shouldn't

Choosing a tire is something that all drivers have to do at some point. In fact, it is a task that should be taken with The importancewhat's wrong with it, since this component is the only point of contact of the vehicle with the asphalt and greatly affects its behavior. There are many types of tires and the decision has to be weighed depending on the car, the use it is given and also the environment. Today we want to make life easier for those who look for 17 inch tiresa measure that is one of the most widespread.

That size of tire is the one carried by a large percentage of general vehicles that populate our roads. The OCU knows this and they have done an analysis comparing 16 of the most popular tires on the market. category 215/55 R17 to tests to see which are the most interesting. They have evaluated its performance, both wet and dry, and also its durability; two of the fundamental aspects when buying them. Great differences have been discovered between some of them and also that cheap can be expensive.

Braking distances vary greatly depending on the tire chosen. In this measure, the 35.4 meters in which it is possible to stop a car from 100 to 0 km/h with Continental Premium Contact 7. The counterpart was provided by the Semperit Speed-Life 3, as they needed 40.9 meters and can make the difference. The Continentals also performed very well in the wet, making the 80 to 0 km/h in 28 meters, so you could say they are the best. In this adverse weather situation, the worst were the Goodride Solmax 1 with 35 meters.

If we talk about durability, the winner would be the tire Kumho Ecsta with a useful life of 69,300 kilometers. In this section there are many differences, since the one that comes out worst is the Vredestein Ultrac and its 27,200 kilometers, which are less than half. This information must be evaluated to look for long-term savings, because it is often worth spending more on a tire that will last many more kilometers. This expense can make a difference and amount to around 500 euros every 50,000 kilometers.

That said, the OCU analysis highlights two tires for good and one for badwhich would be the Semperit for dry performance:

  • He Continental Premium Contact 7 It would be one of the most recommended in 17 inches due to its dry and wet braking, in addition to having very good durability. Its price ranges between 139 and 177 euros.
  • He Kumho Ecsta HS22 It is the king of durability, as it offers an outstanding useful life and its performance is not exactly bad. The price is somewhat lower, as it is between 94 and 137 euros.

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