ban the use of full-face helmets in the Philippines

San Carlos (Pangasinan), a city in the Philippines, has made a surprising decision when it comes to road safety by restricting the use of full-face motorcycle helmets.

Instead of a full helmet, which is much safer in the event of an accident, local authorities have urged drivers to opt for open jet helmets. By the way, the same ones that the DGT has proposed to prohibit here this year in interurban use. As we see, the world goes upside down on countless occasions.

Although it may seem like a regressive measure that reduces the safety of motorists traveling through the city, and it is, the local government has justified this measure as an attempt to prevent the commission of crimes by thieves who use full-face helmets to hide his identity.

The mayor of San Carlos, Renato Gustilosigned an Executive Order to implement this ban a few days ago, in fact, it was this past weekend. Taste explained that the ban applies “within the limits of the city proper«, but outside these designated areas, the use of full-face helmets is mandatory.

full face helmet banned in the philippines

This order will be implemented through checkpoints, in which authority agents will require that all motorcycle drivers and their passengers remove their helmets, hats or masks, under the order of the authorities supervising these checkpoints.

By the way, they will be established in specific areas according to the executive order. In addition to this ban, the city has also introduced a new speed limit of 40 km/h.

full face helmet banned in the philippines

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