Be careful with the SRK400RR. With 76.5 HP, 220 km/h and only 175 kg of weight, it points more than just ways

The current category of medium-low displacement sports cars could very soon have a new option, the QJMotor SRK400RR. But it has also been putting fear into the bodies of its rivals, since the Asian brand seems like it would throw all its weight into giving life to this high-performance four-cylinder.

Let us remember that QJMotor already uses the acronym SRK400RR on a sports frame derived from the SRK 400 that is sold in our market. In this case it is powered by a 400 cc DOHC 8-valve liquid-cooled twin-cylinder engine, offering a power of 41 HP and a maximum torque of 37 Nm at 7,500 rpm.

On the other hand, in some markets it has a variant called SRK 600 RR, equipped with a 600 cc in-line four-cylinder engine, capable of generating a maximum power of 77 HP at 11,000 rpm. As if this were not enough, the brand has also recently launched a new 800 cc model, under the same mechanical configuration and with more than 100 HP of declared power.

QJMotor SRK400RR 2024: Same philosophy, more features

The latest information we receive from Cycle World suggests that the brand would be developing a new sports model (most likely for the European market), competing head to head with Kawasaki's almighty ZX-4RR. Under internal code QJ400GS-16Rthe future SRK400RR It is presented as a radical and more performance frame than its range sisters.

SRK400RR, the light sports car with the QJMotor aims to assault the category

To do this, QJMotor is likely to take advantage of the platform used in the 600 cc variant, but incorporating a new 421cc which, according to the registration documents, could offer up to 76 HP of power for a weight of just 175 kilograms, we assume that in vacuum. The brand approves a maximum speed of 137 mph, 220 km/h.

In the cycle part, if we let ourselves be guided by the current 600 and 800 cc variants, the new QJMotor SRK400RR It would consist of a tubular steel chassis, aluminum swingarm and Marzocchi suspensions. Braking would be provided by Brembo, with the incorporation of radially mounted calipers, double discs at the front and a single disc on the rear axle.

SRK400RR, the light sports car with the QJMotor aims to assault the category

Other relevant data in the patent registry reveal some of its final dimensions, with 1,374 mm between axles and a total distance of 2,019 mm. The maximum width is just 718 mm. At the equipment level it would have dual-channel ABS, Full-LED lighting or a complete TFT instrument panel. In aesthetic terms it reminds us of its older sisters, but also of the Ten78 concept presented by the brand at EICMA 2023.

This will probably end up becoming the expected SRK1000 RCand from its design draw the lines of the future SRK400RR. In them it is clear the sports genetics that they will try to imprint on the model, a step above in this aspect compared to the brand's current sports SRKs.

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