Bimota and its new KB5 will try to rewrite the history of sports motorcycles

The KB5 from Bimota is still baking in the oven to make its debut next year at the WSBK 2025. We are talking about a motorcycle derived directly from the current ZX-10RR, although with its own personality and loaded with improvements and innovations compared to the Japanese one. A mount that comes to try to restore the streak of titles that the Japanese company chained between 2015 and 2020.

Bimota KB5 2025: Straight for the WSBK title

The KB5 new generation owes its name to the association of both brands for the fifth time in its history: K (Kawasaki), B (Bimota) and 5 the number of collaborations so far. As we recently told you, Bimota returns to the World Superbike closely linked to Kawasaki.

Of course, with its own chassis (possibly tubular type, made of steel and reinforced with carbon) on which both brands work, and the almighty four-cylinder that is expected to deliver a final power around the 220 HP exceeding the current 15,100 rpm. A beast that will make things very difficult for its direct rivals.

Of course, the rest of the cycle part must be up to par so that the new team, the Bimota by Kawasaki Racing Team captained by Guim Roda, can fight for the title at the end of the year. To do this, the brand uses Ohlins for the suspensions and Brembo for braking, in both cases with elements black paw last generation.

Bimota and its new KB5 will try to rewrite the history of the WSBK

Furthermore, according to the media NaikMotor, the new team would already have an agreement signed with the British driver. Alex Lowes for the next season, until now a militant in the ranks of the KRT, achieving third place in the general classification of the 2019 season. Lowes himself commented:

“I think this opportunity has come at the right time. Together with Bimota, Kawasaki is putting a lot of effort into this new project. With Kawasaki’s almost 40 years of knowledge and success in Superbike racing, as well as my personal experience with different manufacturers, I believe this gives us the best opportunity to start from the best position with a new bike.”

Bimota and its new KB5 will try to rewrite the history of the WSBK

Prior to the presentation of the track motorcycle, the brand must have manufactured 125 registrable examples of the future KB5, and at least 500 in the first year of participation in the WSBK, with a limit of 44,000 euros per unit. We assume that there will already be a waiting list to get one of these gems of the two-wheeled industry.

Let us remember that Bimota and Kawasaki joined their paths when in 2019 the Japanese brand took over 49.9% of the shares of the Rimini brand. Since then they have launched the KB4 on the market, 40 years after their last collaboration in 1982 with the KB3. Now, with the KB5, a new era begins, hopefully full of successes, on and off the track.

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