Yamaha launches the NMAX Turbo. Your popular scooter is now equipped to be the king of accelerations

Yamaha Indonesiaabout to celebrate its 50th anniversary, recently presented its new NMax Turbo at an event held at the Double Tree Hotel by Hilton, Kemayoran, Jakarta. But let no one be fooled, since there is no turbo as such or anything similar. The Japanese brand resorts to the new YECVT technologyresponsible for offering us that “turbo sensation” when driving.

Dyonisius BetiPresident Director and CEO of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor, commented during the presentation: “As the company behind 'KANDO' that continues to innovate by introducing something new to meet the mobility needs of consumers, coinciding with Yamaha Indonesia's 50th anniversary, we introduce the NMax.”

Concludes: “This is the most sophisticated NMax in the world, which is equipped with increasingly luxurious design, first-class features and also engine performance that adopts the new YECVT technology, so it can provide a Turbo feeling in driving. ”

Yamaha NMax Turbo in detail

The brand did not want to miss the opportunity to make some improvements in terms of design and equipment in its new NMax Turbo. In any case, the main novelty focuses precisely on the implementation of YECVT technology, which replaces the conventional CVT system. The mechanics continue to be dominated by the 155 cc, 4-stroke Blue Core single-cylinder engine.

The maximum declared power is 15 HP at 8,000 rpmwhile the torque figure rises to 14.2 Nm 6,500 turns. However, unlike the standard variant, it includes two driving modes, T-Mode (Town Commuting) and also S-Mode (Sport Touring) and up to three acceleration levels, gradually increasing that “turbo sensation” that In the end, it is to blame for its commercial name.

According to measurements carried out by the brand at a distance of 200 meters, this NMax Turbo is capable of gaining an advantage of 9.2 m over the conventional variant of the model. On the other hand, it has new cutting-edge technological systems such as dual-channel ABS or traction control.

Yamaha launches the NMAX Turbo.  Your popular scooter is now equipped to be the king of accelerations

Regarding the notable equipment of NMax Turbothis has Full-LED lighting, new large full-color TFT screen, redesigned seat for better ergonomics, Y-Connect connectivity function, type C power outlet, smart key system or Stop & Start system , among others.

With up to three different equipment variants, the new Yamaha NMax Turbo starts from an initial price of 37,750,000 Indonesian rupees, about 2,145 euros In exchange, just over 285 euros than the standard version. More information and details on the brand's own website in the Asian country.

Yamaha launches the NMAX Turbo.  Your popular scooter is now equipped to be the king of accelerations

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