Brad Pitt and Channing Tatum, stars of the new documentary about the Isle of Man TT

And if passion is needed to run in any race, to compete in the Isle of Man TT you have to go one step further. No one doubts that the pilots who go to the island are prepared to challenge the limits and look danger in the face. Part of that fight against the clock is also for survival and, perhaps that is why the pilots who go to the island are so real.

Their motorcycle and them on the small edge that, as often happens and last year we were up close with Raül Torras, separates life from death. The success of the most absolute misfortune, everything from nothing, the glory of the cemetery. That is the harshness of the TT, the longest race in history that has been held since 1907, except during periods of war and the pandemic.

That's why it's so special and, perhaps, that's why this year it has such special guests. And a new documentary is being prepared that began filming with the first training sessions, and that will tell everything that has to do with the race.

The TT documentary will be produced by Box to Box Films

Behind this documentary, which there is talk could end up giving way to a film, is Box to Box Films. That may not sound like much to you, but they are responsible for the famous Drive to Survive, which has revived the fanaticism for F1 and taken it to levels rarely seen before.

It is true that, precisely, Drive to Survive has been accused of being manipulative, biased and not very faithful to reality at times to add drama. But on the island there is no need to add drama.

This docuseries, in addition to the names of the TT, in which it is expected that Michael Dunlop can reach or even surpass his uncle Joey, has very important names behind it, because Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum and Jason Keller are some of the personalities behind the work.

Michael Dunlop could make history this year

For now it is not known when it will be released, but we do know that it will be called The Greatest Race On Earth. We will leave the adaptation to Spanish to those in charge of marketing, but it would literally be “The Greatest Race on Earth.”

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