Brembo Sensify, the intelligent braking system that could put an end to brakes as we know them

Brembo Sensify, Initially designed for the automobile, it is the name of the pioneering intelligent system on which the Italian brand is working, integrating the use of artificial intelligence to offer a unique driving experience combined with a total level of safety.​

It seems like science fiction, but we assure you that Brembo with Sensify aims to create a system, where artificial intelligence and software play an active role. Data collection is leveraged to improve the driver experience and allows the system to be constantly updated.

Brembo Sensify: Electronic braking controlled by AI

Sensify It integrates an electronic brain and the most advanced software based on artificial intelligence with the company’s brake components: calipers, discs and friction materials.

In this way it represents the natural evolution of the transalpine brand’s design with the integration of a digital control system and sensors that manage each wheel independently.​

Artificial intelligence and software use data to allow Sensify be constantly updated, highly customized and improve the driving experience.

Thanks to the optimized braking action on each wheel, combined with the absence of resistance between pads and discs that minimizes emissions, it becomes a more sustainable braking solution.

With SensifyBrembo expands the limits of the braking system, giving it a plus in all areas and making it more intuitive, sensitive and with unparalleled control. At this point, one wonders if they will be able to develop a version for the two-wheeled sector.

Brembo Sensify, the intelligent braking system that could reach the motorcycle sector

To do this, the entire hydraulic system would have to be eliminated and converted into a fully electronic one. This probably worked jointly with the IMU of the motorcycle in question, collecting all the information necessary to apply the different modes of use when riding.

An electronic pump, as is already the case with the accelerator system ride by wire, would be in charge of its operation. In any case, we are talking about theoretical terms that once brought to the world of two wheels should be refined in an appropriate manner, taking into account the capital importance of the braking system on a motorcycle.

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