Can authorities put an end to notifications of controls through apps?

Most users find worry about the risk of receiving a fine every time they go out with their car. In many cases, the concern remains with those who are doing something improperly, but it also reaches others due to the DGT's desire to collect. In any case, we have seen how in recent years they have emerged apps with notifications from controls from the authorities, something that allows drivers to be alert and can even bypass these devices by going other ways.

It is quite common for users to notify each other through groups on social networks and alerts in some specific applications, something that the authorities do not like it. In fact, they have proposed putting an end to this custom and the law is in their favor, for the moment. They have been collected two first firm sanctions for notifying Civil Guard controls. The first was to a specific application for this purpose and the second to an individual who manages WhatsApp groups with more than 15,000 users for that purpose.

Curiously, the two sanctions have been imposed in Galicia, probably the community with the most activity in alerting of police presence. And it does not correspond to traffic safety violations, rather they violate the Citizen Security Law. Article 36.23 was used to consider a serious infringement the use of images or personal data or professionals from authorities or members of the Security Forces and Corps. Thus, the conclusion was reached that the success of an operation could be put at risk due to the warnings and that other criminals could even be helped.

As a result of these sanctions, the authorities of other commands have begun to make similar complaints to stop this type of actions. The DGT it has been proposed to strengthen sanctions by the use of these applications and studies how to address it from the point of view of road safety. They say that it is something that allows offenders to evade the law and that it is an “unsupportive act that goes against the waterline of road safety.” Applications and WhatsApp group administrators will be pursued first, although they could leave later also for the users that alert.

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