Chris Hemsworth’s motorcycle in Furiosa is going to leave you amazed

The images that come to us from Chris Hemsworth Riding on a wild chopper with a radial engine, they took our hiccups away suddenly. Now we just have to hold our breath to breathe normally again.

And is not for less. These types of preparations equipped with radial engines of aeronautical origin are so unique that they are conspicuous by their absence. Our dear thorthis time playing Dementushas a unique mount to roll through the apocalyptic desert of the Mad Max universe.

That’s right, let’s get ready for a shiny, chrome experience, because we’re heading back to the merciless settings of the franchise. George Miller. Curiously, the preview of the film has come to us from the hand of the same Chris. In fact, the photo was published by the actor on his networks.

We only have one image of Chris Climbing in the chopper backstage. But, given what we have seen, the best is yet to come, presumably because this motorcycle works perfectly. In fact, in the first film of the saga, «Mad Max: Fury Road«All the vehicles not only looked spectacular, but were also completely functional. So we sense a high mechanical efficiency due, above all, to the satisfaction of thor.

Chris Hemsworth in Furiosa

But returning to our two-wheeled protagonist, we suspect some engineering work behind this preparation to take our hats off. Without a doubt, it must have been a real challenge for its builder.

From the protective plate that protects the radial motors, to the lower controls and what appears to be a gearbox that links the main rotating assembly with the rear wheel. Even the wheels are knobbed for better traction in the sand, although that steeply raked front fork is sure to pose challenges in the desert.

Chris Hemsworth in Furiosa

How does Chris Hemsworth’s motorcycle work and what is a radial engine?

A radial engine is a type of internal combustion engine in which the cylinders are arranged in a star shape around a central crankshaft. Basically this is how it works: First, air and fuel intake. In each engine operating cycle, fuel is mixed with air in the carburetor or fuel injection system. This mixture enters the cylinder through an intake valve.

Then, as you can imagine, comes compression. Once the air-fuel mixture has entered the cylinder, the piston moves upward, compressing the mixture. The intake and exhaust valves are closed during this process. Now comes the ignition and combustion. When the mixture is compressed, a spark plug emits a spark that ignites the fuel. This sudden explosion forces the piston downward.

Chris Hemsworth in Furiosa

The resulting gases are then expelled through an exhaust valve. Logically, this creates a rotation in the crankshaft. As the pistons move up and down in their cylinders, they transmit their motion to the crankshaft. This rotational motion is used to drive various engine parts, such as the drive shaft, or the blades of a propeller on an aircraft.

Now comes the good part. In a radial engine, this process is repeated for each cylinder, with the pistons moving radially in and out from the center of the engine. This design provides even heat distribution and more efficient cooling, making it especially suitable for high-powered vehicles. Like, for example, the planes of World War II, or the motorcycle. Chris Hemsworth in Furiosa.

Chris Hemsworth in Furiosa

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