Cupra will arrive in the United States in 2030

And it does not surprise us, the evolution of SEAT It is making achievements to position itself as a benchmark in design and sportiness and that seems to be a formula for success for the American market. The announcement that Cupra will arrive in the United States At the end of the decade it coincides with the annual press conference of SEAT SA and of the brands belonging to the Volkswagen group, Cupra would have overtaken Škoda to the right by running as the group's option to be the third brand on the continent.

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On Cupra's part…

As a great headline, we are undoubtedly left with the introductory paragraph and the arrival of Cupra in the United States this same decade. Predictably, the plan is to introduce into the market a model of the next generation of the Cupra Formentor and with 100% electric motorization, not the model that will soon be presented in our (European) market, but a future third generation. Apart from this SUV-crossover (it's hard for me to pigeonhole the Formentor) it is expected that another Unnamed SUV For the moment, also electric, but larger will arrive in the United States and be assembled in the country itself. The CEO of Cupra, Wayne Griffiths, said that Cupra will arrive with a nnew distribution modelbut has not given more details about it, so it could be an online sales system or some subscription vehicle ownership model.

The arrival in the United States will begin in a selection of states on the East and West coasts and in states in the well-known Sun Belt.

Regarding Cupra news, we have to mention again the Cupra Tavascan 100% (first cousin of the ID.5) and that it will hit the market before the end of the year, in addition to this launch we hope to know more details about the Cupra Terramar, which will be the sister model of the future generation of the Audi Q3. The Terramar will be sold with plug-in hybrid mechanics and will be assembled at the Audi factory in Hungary, due to its relationship with the Q3.

SEAT also has a lot to talk about

Regarding the future of SEAT, Wayne Griffiths mentioned that SEAT will play a key role with the launch of PHEV vehicles (plug-in hybrids) and low consumption until the EU deadline that dictates the cessation of production of combustion cars. On the part of Ibiza and Arona, we hope to know something in 2024, but everything indicates that 2025 will be the year of news and presentations of these two classic and best-selling models. Specifically, these two models that leave the Martorell factory will be the bastions of SEAT's continuity as a car manufacturer along with the SEAT León and the Ateca (made in the Czech Republic), in the case of the León it will be updated with the new the group's PHEV system that will give it 100km of autonomy in electric mode, a system that we have already seen, for example, in the new Passat and the Skoda Superb.

Let's talk about electrification

Regarding the electrification of the Martorell plant and as part of the ambitious Future: Fast Forward project, SEAT is committed to transforming the plant into a nerve center of electric mobility in Europe. The company is currently building a plant to assemble battery systems adjacent to the main factory. In September, the reconfiguration of Line 1 will begin to adapt it to the production of the Cupra Raval and the Volkswagen ID.2aII, both completely electric models. These vehicles will be launched on the group's new electric platform, designed specifically with front drive and engine.

This change means that the models Ibiza and Arona They will be moved to another line to give priority to electric models. In addition, Griffiths has emphasized the need for a national focus to promote electrification, with realistic goals that encourage the sale of electrified vehicles, something that has not yet gained momentum in Spain.

“We cannot simply demand electrification” if the transition to electric vehicles is not promoted. “We are investing and developing products, but the market is not ready yet, and this represents a challenge.”

The president has indicated that they have been waiting for the Government's response for a month in relation to a Improved MOVES planand has warned that «we have lost two years; “If things don't change, our investments and jobs will be at risk.”

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