Now the Silence S01 for 3,200 euros with the subscription plan

The Spanish brand Silence has been standing out in the electric motorcycle market for years and, especially, with the Silence S01. The popular electric scooter, which has been the best-selling in its segment in Europe for five consecutive years, is ready to take another leap in its market share.

And now the Silence S01 has a price of 3,200 euros in the subscription mode that the brand offers to its customers. Thanks to this, in addition to purchasing the motorcycle, the customer enjoys the use of the battery completely free of charge with up to four charging cycles per month for the first three years.

To this we must add that if the user subscribes to the Moves III Plan, they can get 1,300 euros and also a 15% tax deduction in personal income tax. Some good incentives for those first 500 clients who decide. And the brand has established the number of units of the Silence S01 that will be eligible for the measure at half a thousand.

The Silence S01 now with three years of free electricity

Another of the strong points of this promotion that Silence has launched is related to batteries and their charging cycles. As we said, during the first three years you have four charges per month completely free.

Translated into easier numbers for the user, we are talking about about 6,000 kilometers per year without charging, and all without having to buy the battery since the batteries are charged at the Acciona Battery Station.

You can change the used battery and insert a new one in 30 seconds in the 100 points that are currently in operation, and that can be located through the APP.

Four recharge cycles per month included

Regarding the extra monthly cycles, each one from the fourth onwards would cost five euros. In addition, the battery has a deposit of €250 and insurance is not included in the price. Even so, the estimated savings is around 40% compared to the price before the promotion.

You will find all the information about it on the Silence website and in its dealer network.

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