Do you have tube tires? We imagine that you change it along with the tire, right?

When it comes time to change our motorcycle tires, we often focus on the choice of brand, tread type, or specific tire characteristics. However, an aspect that sometimes goes unnoticed, but is of utmost importance, is the interior camera. If we have a motorcycle that does not use tires tubelessit is necessary to replace them during the tire change, as it can prevent a series of potential problems.

One of the fundamental reasons to change the inner tube when replacing a motorcycle tire is to prevent punctures and leaks. Over time, interior chambers may develop small cracks or wear that are not visible to the naked eye. By installing a new tire with a new inner tube, you eliminate the chances of a worn tube compromising the integrity of the system.

This simple step significantly reduces the risk of loss of air pressure, which could lead to dangerous situations, especially when driving at high speed, where the most heat is generated.

In addition to safety, replacing the inner tube contributes to the overall performance of the motorcycle. A well-maintained inner tube ensures a tight seal, helping to keep tire pressure at optimal levels. In the end, if we are changing the valve on a tubeless tire, here we must do the same but with the entire system.

Not all tubes fit all motorcycle tires

Another aspect to consider is the compatibility between the inner tube and the tire. Different brands and models of tires may have slightly different specifications, and using an inner tube suitable for the tire in question ensures a perfect fit. A proper fit helps prevent unnecessary friction between the tube and the tire, thereby reducing premature wear and the possibility of a blowout.


Temperature resistance is also a key factor when choosing to change the inner tube. As we said before, poor quality or worn inner tubes can become more susceptible to the heat generated while driving, increasing the risk of catastrophic failure.

Therefore, the importance of changing the inner tube when replacing a motorcycle tire goes beyond the superficial appearance of maintenance. This small component plays a crucial role in the safety, performance and durability of the tires and therefore the entire motorcycle.

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