Do you want to buy a circuit? Willow Springs, the legendary track, is looking for a new owner

Known as «The fastest track in the West«, Willow Springs has hosted some of the most notable figures. Now, this iconic American racing circuit located in Rosamond, California, is for sale, offering a unique and unparalleled opportunity for motor enthusiasts.

Built in 1952 and inaugurated in 1953, Willow Springs quickly gained a reputation as one of the fastest and most challenging courses in burger country. The circuit recently had a prominent role in the film Ford v Ferrari/Le Mans '66, where the star was shown Ken Milesinterpreted by Christian bale.

This is the mythical Willow Springs

According to the description of the real estate agency that has it for sale: «Willow Springs International Motorsports Park is one of the most photographed racing facilities in the world and is featured in thousands of magazine ads, advertisements, television shows and movies in the United States and abroad.«.

Unlike many historic places, Willow Springs It probably won't be demolished to make way for a shopping center, thanks to its remote location in the Mojave Desert. It is more likely that the circuit will be transformed into a luxurious recreational space for motor enthusiasts, similar to the Thermal Club in California, with vehicle storage, exclusive track sessions, etc.

Willow Springs

The resort covers 600 acres (242,811 hectares) and includes the Big Willow main loop (4 km), Streets of Willow (2.1 to 2.9 km) and Horse Thief Mile (1.6 km). In addition, it has a kart track, a drift area, short oval tracks, and rallycross and off-road circuits.

Willow Springs It is a favorite place for motorcyclists and racing drivers, known for its high average speeds, wide curves and significant changes in grade. Races and events were held there, both for classic and modern motorcycles. In addition, it has been the headquarters of the famous California Superbike School, founded by the renowned American rider Keith Code. Yes, the one The Bible of Curves.

Willow Springs

Without a doubt, it is an incredible property. The track has been used to test cars and motorcycles, as well as hosting television shows and movies throughout its more than 70 years of operation. That said, if you have money and decide, please let us know.

Willow Springs

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