MotoGP bikes will wear retro decorations at Silverstone

We still have almost two months left, but lovers of the most legendary retro decorations are looking forward to the 2024 British GP. The reason? Each and every one of the bikes on the MotoGP grid will sport a livery inspired by the most legendary ones we have seen in the 75-year history of the championship.

And coinciding with the visit of the championship to Silverstone, it will commemorate three quarters of a century of a competition that started in the United Kingdom, although on the Isle of Man, back in 1949. It was the first major motor championship and its composition was different from the current one, since the categories were 500, 350, 250, 125 and sidecar.

Now, 75 years later and for the first time in history, all the bikes on the grid will sport a special retro-style decoration, as confirmed by the FIM itself. As announced, the weekend that runs from Thursday, August 1 to Sunday, August 4, we will see how each brand and each team will have their own design.

The retro designs will be shown on Thursday, August 1

Logically, there is expectation to know the decoration of the most veterans on the grid, which are Honda and Yamaha. We will have to see what moment in their history they draw inspiration from because there is a lot to choose from. Aprilia could also surprise us with decorations from its beginnings, and even Ducati with a special edition. GasGas and KTM have it more complicated because they have been in the championship for less time, but they will surely end up surprising everyone and everyone.

The entire grill will have a special decoration

The bad part is that we will have to wait until August 1, when at 2:00 p.m. local time the pitlane will open and the bikes will be shown. But Dorna promises more retro excitement over the weekend as the safety car, podium celebrations and more activities will have their vintage feel.

What livery would you like to see rolling over Silverstone? For us there are so many that the list would be endless…

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