Does mandatory motorcycle insurance cover when you go on roads or in the countryside?

All vehicles that circulate (or are registered for traffic) are required to have compulsory insurance. Well, all mechanically powered vehicles except for electric scooters, but that's another topic. The fact is that to be able to move on public roads you need mandatory insurance, and it doesn't matter if you are going to use the motorcycle in the town, the city, on the highway, highway or on country roads. It is, as we have said, mandatory.

In fact, there are still those who believe that you can simply drive through the countryside in Spain. But if it is a public space and not a private and closed area, the rules to comply with are exactly the same as if you are walking down the street. That is, the motorcycle has to be up to date with its paperwork, registration, lighting… there are no exceptions.

For legal purposes, as the RFME platform “Sustainable Field Motorcycle” reminds us, paths have the same considerations as highways. However, we must pay attention to the insurance because although we can legally circulate if all the papers are in order, we may not have coverage that we would have on the road network or in the city.

Each insurance is different and you must be aware of the coverage you have contracted, but as a general rule when traveling in the countryside or on a road, insurance does not usually offer mechanical or health assistance.

They do cover damages to third parties, both material and medical, but in this case we and our motorcycle would be left out even if we have expressly contracted it in the policy because they usually have the “small print” that it is only roadside care.

What options do we have if our mandatory insurance does not cover us?

The only option is to look for insurance that does cover what you need, although we anticipate that off-road mechanical assistance is going to be complicated. And be careful, you may think that it only affects those who do enduro and it is not like that. If you enter with your motorcycle, whatever it is, on a road you can find yourself in the same helpless situation.

Thinking about covering the medical part is essentialThinking about covering the medical part is essential

But returning to the policy that you can take out, there are different companies that offer personal damage insurance. That is, you would have to continue having your mandatory insurance and, in addition, take out personal accident insurance that would take care of possible mishaps.

In fact, there are companies that specialize in offering this type of coverage and even those that offer it for multiple activities.

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