Doing wheelies in Venezuela will be subsidized. Nicolás Maduro declares Motopiruetas a national sport

“Motopiruetas” have been declared a national sport in Venezuela. Yes, you read correctly, but the news should not surprise you coming from those parts and having Nicolás Maduro as its protagonist. Of course, in the words of the president himself (or dictator, depending on one's opinion), the initiative must be legislated and subsidized.

The striking idea took place during an event in Caracas, where more than 1,500 bikers circulated freely, while Maduro shouted his proclamations from the lectern. Of course, those present wildly applauded the president's speech, who ended up signing a document approving the new regulatory law in this regard.

Motopiruetas national sport

We don't know very well when the idea of ​​Motopiruetas being declared a national sport crossed Maduro's mind. In any case, the Venezuelan president commented during the event: “I sign the bill to recognize Motopiruetas as a national sport in Venezuela”according to the Peruvian media El Comercio.

also approved “define spaces in all states and municipalities of the country for the practice of these acrobatics”. Finally, the president asked to support the Motopiruetas acrobats, of course creating a government program that provides help to young people. In Christian, subsidize those who decide to practice Motorcycle Pirouettes.

We do not know if it will go from a national sport to an Olympic discipline. What is more than likely is that the number of motorcycle accidents in the country will grow and therefore the number of injuries and deaths. Among other things, because the majority of future Motopiroueta athletes are not adequately equipped to practice them, but this is probably what Maduro and his legion of followers are least concerned about.

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