Volvo EX30s are recalled due to a software failure

The history of Volvo EX30 has been an almost immediate success since its launch. The Swedish firm's access electric vehicle has in a very short time become the third with this technology in the European model sales ranking, only behind the Tesla Model Y and Model 3. In fact, it represents 85% of Volvo sales by marketing 35,309 units of the EX30 among the total of 41,242 units they have in the first months of the year. Now his path is a little clouded by a call for review.

It is not something serious that can cause accidents, it is a software problem which could affect one of the views on your center screen. In some units it has been reported that the speedometer entered “test mode” and did not display as it should. It's about a glitch minor that could affect around 72,000 cars globally, which are all Volvo EX30s manufactured to date. As we said, many may not have it and in Spain the call for review is for around 2,000 units of the electric SUV.

The truth is that a time has come when some recalls can be resolved from home. The user can solve it without leaving his garage with a wireless software update as long as you have an internet connection, since its technology is quite advanced. For the rest of the owners who prefer to make sure, they can go to an official dealer of the brand to have a professional solve this problem. In any case, users will go receiving a notification with the steps to follow from Volvo.

This is not the first time that the software has played tricks on the EX30, which also had another previous failure. In any case, it is a vital vehicle for the brand, as it is representing the majority of their sales and is propelling them to what seems to be a new record. Its success is so great that it was talked about bring your production to Europe seeking to escape the possible tariffs that will be imposed on models manufactured in China. However, the brand has denied this and it seems that they will continue to be made there as before.

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