This scooter has 3 wheels in line, it's called Jak Pak and its price is crazy

A unit of Jak Pak Completely restored 300, the classic and rare in-line 3-wheeler, was sold this month at the California classic vehicle auction, Bring a Trailer, for $8,900, about 8,290 euros. Let us remember that the Jak Pak They were built in versions 100, 200 and 300 between 1970 and 1971 and offered some quite curious and clever technical solutions. Most notably, the swingarm, which gives each of the two rear drive wheels its own pivot point. In other words, the wheels can operate independently.

The Right Way Manufacturing Corporation of Owen, Wisconsin made 125 Jak Pak in cylinder capacities of 100, 200 and 300 cc. The most recent story of this unit that we present to you, began a few years ago as a find in a barn and has ended up, as we are telling you, completely restored and sold for a good sum of dollars in early June 2024.

This inline three-wheeler, whose English name suggests a planned design, and translates as «three-wheeled single-track vehicle«, has a motor of 7 HP of power and the two drive wheels are driven by a chain.

Jak Pak Secrets

But where do we start? Perhaps in the mechanical heart of the Jak Pak 300, which is equipped with a flathead single-cylinder engine. This engine drives the rear wheels, has a centrifugal clutch and a CVT transmission. This scooter can reach a maximum speed of 35 miles per hour, that is, about 56 km/h.

As a curiosity, a flathead engine refers to an engine with side valves, usually placed next to each other, resulting in a very flat cylinder head. It is not a performance oriented engine design and is pre-WWII technology.

He Jak Pak 300 It not only has two rear wheels, but also two chain drives. The first drives the front rear wheel through the CVT transmission. The second chain drive connects the two rear wheels. The reason is because this curious invention was designed mainly for use on large farms and mountainous areas, since the two rear wheels not only provide a lot of traction, but also support a large load and avoid the tendency to tip over. steep slopes.

Jak Pak 300

The simple steel chassis of the Jak Pak 300 It features a rigid telescopic fork in the steering head and two simple shock absorbers in the rear swingarm. All three wheels have a diameter of 8 inches and are equipped with super wide tires.

The brake system of the Jak Pak 300 It is as unusual as the other solutions on this vehicle. A simple foot-operated pinion brake acts on the front rear wheel. The left hand controls the transmission brake and the Jak Pak It can be secured against travel by a hand lever, since centrifugal clutches, which are normally open, require a parking brake.

The fact that the Jak Pak 300 It is designed for off-road use and is highlighted by an ingenious feature. When you release the lock, the front half of the swingarm and the rear half have different pivot points. For example, when driving over large stones or potholes, the two rear wheels move independently, providing greater traction.

Jak Pak 300

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