Triumph prepares a special edition of the Bonneville, and will pay tribute to the great Elvis

The Triumph Bonneville T120 Elvis will arrive by the year 2025. The confirmation comes from the California Air Resources Board, which has issued an executive order adding an Edition Elvis to certifications for Bonneville T120 2025. Very good news that, surely, all lovers of Triumph and Elvis Presley they appreciate.

This is not the first time we have talked to you about the relationship between Triumph and Elvis Presley. For example, at the end of last year Triumph requested the public's help in finding several motorcycles that were reportedly Elvis Presley had bought for his group of friends known as the «Memphis Mafia«. Then, this year, in March, Triumph Joined the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation and Gibson Guitars to auction a Elvis Presley Bonneville T120 along with a matching Les Paul guitar. By the way, they raised a fortune.

This relationship goes back a long way. In fact, Presley rode several motorcycles Triumph both in his personal life and in films. According to the story, Presley was impressed after trying the T120 650 Bonneville from 1964 of his friend Jerry Shillingand decided to buy several Triumph TR6 and T120 for your closest friends (Memphis Mafia).

Because of this history, we are not surprised at all, that Triumph has decided to mass produce a special edition model to celebrate that connection.

Triumph Elvis Presley

What do we know about the Triumph Bonneville T120 Elvis?

CARB's executive order confirms the existence of the motorcycle and that it will use the same engine trim as the Bonneville T120 standard, but it doesn't reveal much more. One detail is important, the 1964 Bonneville T120 was sold in gold and Alaska white, while the TR6 had a HiFi Scarlet and Silver Sheen color with gold stripes. Therefore, the Elvis Edition model is expected to share one of those color combinations. It's obvious.

There is no timeline yet on when Triumph will officially confirm the motorcycle, but considering that the limited edition Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR Breitling was launched last week, we suspect Triumph will wait a while before announcing the Bonneville T120 Elvis Edition 2025. Even so, we will be attentive to tell you any news.

Triumph Elvis Presley

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