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We would have to go back to 2006 to put the acronym in context. 990 Adventure and what these meant within the KTM range at that time. A model that, as we already described throughout its years of marketing, could be defined as “a true enduro motorcycle with a full fairing.” In short, a mount designed to face any type of adventure on and off the asphalt, but making it clear that the land was its natural habitat.

Let's take a leap in time and return to 2024, the year in which KTM not only prepares the return of the 990 Adventure. It is also immersed in the development of its new range of ADV 1390 models and the innovative AMT automatic transmission system, recently put to the test at the last Erzbergrodeo 2024.

KTM 990 Adventure: Comprehensive renovation

Just a few hours ago the German media Motorrad Online published some images of several test mules of the future 990 Adventure in the vicinity of the KTM factory based in Mattighofen. In them we can perfectly appreciate what is to come and this is nothing other than a comprehensive renewal of the current 890 Adventure range.

The idea is to achieve a Rally cut frame that treasures the versatility of the brand's current ADV. To achieve this, the Austrian firm is committed to implementing major changes in the cycle and engine. Also in terms of aesthetics and volume where we see a completely new front and a more defined and less bulky silhouette than that of the present models.

This will be the future KTM 990 Adventure: rally look and more than tough

Mechanically, it would be equipped with the engine used in the 990 Duke, the well-known twin-cylinder LC8c from 947cc capable of delivering a power of 123 HP and 100 Nm of maximum torque. However, everything suggests that the 990 Adventure The new batch would lose some power at the top in favor of a better response at low and medium speeds. In other words; Some final power would be sacrificed in exchange for a more linear and forceful power delivery from low rpm.

The engine would also have the presence of a new exhaust system where the collector grows in size and the silencer ends up positioned lower. Partly due to the arrival of a new swingarm similar to the one used on the 990 Duke. Another detail to take into account is related to the cooling system, where we can see that it is now divided into two side radiators.

This will be the future KTM 990 Adventure: rally look and more than tough

The cycle part is completed with a revised chassis that changes its geometries depending on the philosophy of the model. We can see it in the position of the footpegs or the back of the subframe where the silhouette becomes stylized by losing volume. The changes also affect the driving position, where the pilot faces a TFT instrument panel anchored almost vertically.

Everything indicates that the new generation of KTM 990 Adventure will be available from spring of the year 2026. It seems like a long time, but it is clear that the Austrian brand wants to fine-tune the development of its next model as much as possible, just as it is already doing with the rest of the high-performance ADV range.

This will be the future KTM 990 Adventure: rally look and more than tough

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