Don't miss the 8 minutes of ecstasy of a Suzuki RGV250 on the difficult German Nurburgring circuit

The Suzuki RGV250 It is one of those models that, for some time now, has become a true cult motorcycle, both among fans in general and lovers of 2T and Old school in particular. Among other things, for combining sportsmanship and character in equal parts. And as in the case of our protagonist today, show that she is small, yes, but she is also a bully in the right hands.

Because if we talk about iconicity, as is the case with the RGV250, possibly the German Nurburgring circuit is one of the tracks that has a greater degree of it. If you also manage to take a memorable lap riding the Japanese mount to the limit, the degree of satisfaction at that very moment must be almost infinite.

Suzuki RGV250 VJ22: Vintage sportiness for the nostalgic

This is the case of the YouTube user, NBR_SK, who a few days ago uploaded an on-board video to his personal channel at the controls of his RGV250 inside of the teutonic green hell. Previously he had done the same riding other level mounts such as a 2007 ZX-10R, 1996 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R or a 1999 Aprilia RSV Mille.

But of course, having 130/140 HP of power on the complicated German track is not the same as having just 60 HP, and also doing so with a 2-stroke engine that has a maximum usable rotation of just 2,000 rpm. The result is having to drive constantly, and even when you have to overtake, not erring on the chosen gear so as not to be surprised by a momentary drop in power.

Let us remember that the RGV250, In its VJ22 version, it had a propeller V2 at 90º two-stroke capable of offering a maximum power of 62 HP at 11,000 rpm and a top speed of about 210km/h. Not inconsiderable figures for a frame of this type and at the time in which the model was launched on the market.

In addition, this RGV250 VJ22 used a top-level chassis that featured a 43 mm inverted fork, 310 mm front brake discs or a truly racing position to get the most out of the set. All this culminated in a true GP aesthetic that made more than one fan of the time suffer from tachycardia.

Small but tough: This is how this Suzuki RGV250 performs on the difficult German Nürburgring circuit

In the case of this unit in question, the author of the video explains that his RGV250 is equipped with some special modifications. For example, it has MuS Förster cylinder heads, Cougar valves, JL exhaust system, modified gearbox with elongated first and second gears, optimized suspension, WP steering damper and a lithium battery to reduce weight, along with other components. lighter.

In short, we are talking about a barely 155 kilograms in running order which, as we can see throughout the video, does not perform badly at all in the Nurburgring traffic, despite the fact that the German track is about 450 meters above sea level, which reduces the performance of the willing two. time.

Small but tough: This is how this Suzuki RGV250 performs on the difficult German Nürburgring circuit

In any case, a final time of 8:32 minutesand he has to avoid several cars that he encounters along the way and that at times make him have to slow down quite a bit.

Without a doubt, a notable time for a frame designed to be enjoyed on other types of more mousey routes.

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