Eox Star Wars, the latest collection that Ruroc excites us with in 2024

Ruroc has just presented its latest collection of helmets decorated under Eox license Star Wars. The one chosen for this special series is the recently released Eox, its new full-face sports helmet, with which the brand begins a new era in terms of safety, performance, comfort and connectivity.

According to the brand itself “The three Star Wars-inspired designs pay tribute to the true protectors against the Dark Side, offering all drivers a true ally on the road, with next-generation impact protection, exceptional comfort and more connectivity options than ever.”

Ruroc Eox Star Wars: Three different versions and the same mission

Resistance Pilot

The Resistance Pilot is designed in a matte red and black with Resistance insignia to make any First Order follower aware of their allegiance. With unique battle scars and decorative communications equipment, you'll be protected on every mission.


Designed in a sleek metallic gray with decorative audio sensors and an essential weapons belt, the Eox – Mandalorian is finished with the iconic Mudhorn logo. Inspired by the best armor in the saga Star Warsthis helmet stays true to its bounty hunting roots.

Rebel Pilot

Inspired by the legendary Rogue Squadron, comes Eox – Rebel Pilot. Marked with the iconic Rebel Alliance insignia and a battle-worn white, red and orange frame, she is the ultimate cap for those who aren't afraid to fight the darker side of the road.

Eox Star Wars, the latest collection that Ruroc excites us with in 2024

Each version of the Eox Star Wars is designed using state-of-the-art impact protection technologies, offering first-class safety standards in accordance with certifications. ECE 22.06 and DOT.

Without compromising safety and comfort, Ruroc introduced its new Quad-Matrix Carbon Composite shell made of T300 carbon fiber for the new Eox, reinforced with Kevlar, Nylon and Fiberglass to improve resistance, flexibility and overall performance against impacts. The result is Ruroc's lightest and most robust carbon composite to date.

David Thomasmarketing director, commented: “Being able to bring a new collection of Star Wars to our new Eox so soon after the helmet launch is something very important to us. With the development of Eox, we enter a new era for our brand, maintaining the key pillars that make Ruroc unique in the market.”

Eox Star Wars, the latest collection that Ruroc excites us with in 2024

Concludes: “They are their collections, like Star Warswhat makes us unique and what our community of users wants”. The collection Eox Star Wars It is now available online on the brand's official website with a price starting from 639 euros.

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