Ferrari GTO Legacy Tour 2024: the tribute that the myth needs

Next October we will have to mark it in Ferrari red on our calendars since Ferrari will carry out the GTO Legacy Tour 2024an exclusive celebration of the 40th anniversary of its first supercar, the great Ferrari GTO.

This event, the second edition of the Legacy Tour, promises to be a unique experience for the lucky owners of the iconic Ferrari GTO. The 2024 GTO Legacy Tour will not only be a luxury journey; It will be a journey through time, marking four decades of innovation and exceptional performance. Participants will have the opportunity to explore the winding roads of the Dolomites, where every curve becomes a tribute to the legacy of the GTO and a unique experience for sports car lovers.

We can go? Obviously not, but this car, the first of many, deserves no less tribute in his second youth, since these events will coincide with his 40th birthday, and what a 40 years.

The GTO Legacy Tour 2024

This event will be an ode to scenic driving and a memorable moment between passionate owners who share a love for the speed, craftsmanship and elegance that only a Ferrari can offer and obviously, wallets in line with these supercars. The exclusivity of the trip will be reflected in every detail, from the selected luxury hotels to the gourmet dinners overlooking the majestic alpine landscapes.

He GTO Legacy Tour 2024 It will open with a welcome ceremony in Val Rendena, where participants will receive exclusive details and a privileged view of what awaits them in the following days. Each stage of the journey will be carefully planned to provide not only a exciting drivingbut also strategic stops at iconic locations, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the rich history of the Ferrari brand and the evolution of the GTO.

The highlight of the Legacy Tour will be the arrival at Maranello, the birthplace of Ferrari. Here, participants will be received with honors at the famous Fiorano circuit, where they will be able to display their machines in a paradisiacal symphony of roaring engines.

The celebration will reach its climax with a gala dinner at Ferrari headquarters, where anecdotes will be shared and a toast will be given to the GTO legend. The 2024 GTO Legacy Tour is not just an event; is a ode to passion, history and craftsmanship automotive that has made Ferrari an icon. A moving tribute to four decades of pure excellence on wheels, encapsulating the immortal spirit of the GTO with every mile traveled.

The myth: Ferrari 288 GTO

In 1984, the Ferrari GTO was presented at the Geneva Motor Show, marking the beginning of a legendary era. Equipped with a turbo V8 and an unmistakable Pininfarina design, this supercar not only won public praise but also became the first Ferrari to feature an engine Longitudinally mounted V8 with twin turbo. Initially conceived for homologation in Group B competition, the GTO left a mark on our collective memory, with 272 units produced before its production was concluded.

The genius behind the 288 GTO body design was Leonardo Fioravanti from Pininfarina. Inspired by the Ferrari 308, Fioravanti transformed the car's appearance, incorporating unique elements such as Dino rear stays and the iconic 16-inch Speedline single-nut wheels.

The GTO body It is the culmination of a style that stands out as one of Ferrari's most successful and recognizable. Under its hood, the GTO houses a 2.9-liter V8 mid-engine with two IHI turbochargers, developed by engineer Nicola Materazzi. With a maximum power of 400 hp at 7,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 496 Nm delivered at 3,800 rpm, the GTO accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in less than five seconds, reaching a maximum speed of 305 km/h. A technical milestone in its time, the GTO remains a testament to Ferrari's ingenuity and audacity.

A myth to dream about every night.

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