France is on fire (literally) with the imposition of the ITV for motorcycles

In France they continue their fight to avoid MOTs for motorcycles. Our neighbors to the north are not willing to undergo a mandatory inspection of their motorcycles, and after years of tug-of-war things are by no means calm.

This same weekend thousands of bikers, it is said that more than 60,000 throughout the country, with massive concentrations in cities like Paris, took to the streets on their motorcycles to try to stop the implementation of this imposition that until now they did not have.

French motorcycle users affirm that studies indicate that only between 0.3% and 0.4% of motorcycle accidents are due to defects in the motorcycles and that, therefore, being a residual figure, the obligation of an MOT for motorcycles based on increased safety is a fallacy.

The feeling that our French neighbors have, which is not far from what we Spanish motorcyclists have, is that the MOT for motorcycles basically has a revenue-raising effort. And as the issue has been heating up in recent times, they are now at a point where serious incidents have even been recorded.

An MOT center for motorcycles was attacked near Perpignan

In fact, an inspection center in Elne, near Perpignan, suffered serious damage after being attacked with burning motorcycle tires. As it could not be otherwise, even the organizers of the protests have condemned the events which, on the other hand, confirm that there is a sector of these protests that is willing to go further.

What there is no doubt is that on everyone's mind is putting enough pressure on the government to once again delay the implementation of the measure if not prevent it.

In any case, it is just one more chapter in what is on its way to being the endless story of the implementation of the ITV for motorcycles in France.

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