Get in shape to use your trail bike using your head!

Only those who have ridden a motorcycle know how physical it is, especially when you go off road or enter the circuit. That's why being in good physical shape can help you when driving. We are not just talking about not suffering while driving, but about being able to solve situations that we may encounter while driving.

Many falls, especially in offroad, come when our physical limit has been exceeded. That's why the fitter we are, the longer it will take to reach that limit, and we will also gain control and security. Furthermore, if we fall we will be able to lift the motorcycle more easily. Of course, there are exercises that are better and exercises that do not influence us as much, so it is important to give certain priorities.

Also, the good thing is that thanks to our old acquaintance Bret Tkacs, we can work on specific points that we will need if trail is our thing. Thus, in the video of just over 12 minutes that we recommend you watch if you want to be in shape, we get fully into the gym.

Be in shape based on specific exercises, but without forgetting cardio

There Bret and his CrossFit partner show us the areas they work on at all times, depending on certain actions that we are going to do with our motorcycle. That is why we must seek to strengthen them, and that is when they also review the best way to do it.

The exercises basically focus on being in shape to lift the motorcycle off the ground, but some of them by strengthening the abdominals and legs will also make us gain both balance and the ability to handle the motorcycle.

In any case, in addition to these exercises there are many others that we can do to stay in shape. We must not leave aside aerobics that will increase our physical resistance. And if we have greater physical resistance, it is likely that we will not end up on the ground so easily. And if we do it, our fatigue does not prevent us from lifting the motorcycle correctly.

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