Harley/Aermacchi 250 Sprint Land Speed ​​Racer

At the beginning of the 60s, Harley-Davidson and Aermacchi They joined their paths after the purchase of 50% of the Italian manufacturer by the Milwaukee firm. The idea was to be able to have a range of medium and low displacement models with which the Yankee brand could position itself in the North American market.

From that business adventure, which would last just 10 years, models such as the Aermacchi Harley-Davidson Sprint would emerge, equipped with a 250 cc, air-cooled four-stroke OHV engine, associated with a five-speed gearbox. Later, the displacement was expanded to 350 cc, offering a second variant of the model.

From those mounts true competition machines would come out, like this one Harley/Aermacchi Sprint Land Speed ​​Racer which we show today thanks to the friends of Bike Urious. A preparation aimed at breaking speed records in places as iconic as the dry lake of “El Mirage”.

Harley/Aermacchi Sprint Land Speed ​​Racer

According to its current owner, this example was prepared by the famous Aermacchi engine manufacturer, Ron Lancaster. It seems that it was initially powered by a 250 cc block equipped with various modifications: CP Carillo connecting rod, Arias piston and racing cam, among others.

Record-breaking bike for sale: Harley/Aermacchi Sprint Land Speed ​​Racer

With this Stage 3 configuration, it currently holds the speed record at El Mirage, although it is not specified in which category. The announcement also talks about a second 350 engine, also prepared, although it has yet to be tuned. It seems that the intention of the owner of this Harley/Aermacchi It was turbocharged, to be able to compete in two different categories with the same motorcycle.

In the sale price, $5,500, a good handful of additional spare parts are delivered, including two chassis, a swingarm, spare wheel or an extra starting system. The motorcycle is currently in Oregon and to contact its owner you can directly access the link in the sale announcement.

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