Harley-Davidson LiveWire S2 Mulholland: the ultimate electric cruiser

LiveWirethe electrical division of Harley-Davidsonhas just presented to society the new and innovative S2 Mulholland. The new high-performance electric motorcycle from the Milwaukee firm is now available for purchase at all dealerships in the US and Canada at a price of $15,999, that is, about 14,700 euros To the change.

With a new design, the S2 Mulholland marks a new era for high-performance electric cruiser motorcycles. But that’s not all, the S2 Mulholland uses sustainable and ecological materials in key points of the motorcycle.

From hemp biocomposites to recycled nylon from fishing nets, each component has been carefully selected to minimize environmental impact without compromising performance.

This will be the Harley-Davidson LiveWire S2 Mulholland

The brand announces that the S2 Mulholland It has an impressive range of up to 194 km in the city thanks to its 10.5 kWh battery pack. But the driving experience goes beyond performance. With a renewed ergonomic design and next-generation charging technology, the S2 Mulholland offers a unique driving experience.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire S2 Mulholland

And for those who want to further personalize their experience, a range of accessories will be available, from seats to luggage racks.

The S2 Mulholland is now ready to conquer the hearts of two-wheeled lovers in the US and Canada. We will just have to wait until next year for the brand to distribute it internationally.

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