Honda and Nissan could join forces to become stronger in China

China, currently, is one of the great powers in the motor industry. With the arrival of electric vehicles, the process has advanced and companies that have succeeded in the local market are seeking to do the same in Europe. And the truth is that foreign brands also have their sights set on a country that sells 21.8 million cars a year (in 2023). Now Honda and Nissan could join forces to become strong there, with a Japanese-style alliance that wants to find success in its neighboring country.

The two companies have announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding to begin discussing their strategic partnership at various points. They talk about electrified vehicles and knowledge in subjects such as software development, but it has a lot to do with their positioning in the Chinese market. Currently Honda is the second manufacturer by volume in Japan and Nissan follows in third position, so it is a good move to combine their strengths and start developing a collaboration.

The truth is that Japanese manufacturers they seem to have been left behind in the production of electric vehicles compared to the Chinese. Hence these types of alliances that could also be key on a large scale. The synergies between Nissan and Honda result in a force that markets some 7.65 million vehicles per year worldwide. At the moment only negotiations are open and there are no objective positions or sales volumes, what is clear is that by 2030 the situation could change.

Everything indicates that there will be no type of merger, not even sharing products or changing the name of any of the vehicles known to both. What it points to could be the joint development of some model for China or the sharing of a platform to be worked on by both parties. If it works, this alliance of Nissan and Honda could also spread to other regions in those that are still behind, such as North America and, of course, continue advancing in Europe.

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