Honda has placed never-before-seen fins behind the headlight of the future CB1000 Hornet. The patent tells us what they are for

The house of the golden wing showed its new and long-awaited maxinaked, the CB1000 Hornet, at the last EICMA in Milan in November of last year. 7 months ago Sling remained tight-lipped about its technical specifications. The reason was clear, they expected production to begin in the second half of this year. That is, already.

Now, with half of the year completed, new details of the future are emerging Sling. As an example, these patent reports illustrate how the factory has incorporated a form of cold air intake without the need to place it prominently on the front.

The Hornet has admission tickets in an unusual place

Clearly, using the forward motion of the bike to push cold air into the air filter helps give the engine a denser air supply to increase performance. But as we are telling you, Sling has placed the air intake intakes further back, flanking the steering stem and framed by the upper and lower frame rails.

The patent shows that air enters this area through the side bodywork, which pushes it forward to both sides of the tank. The lower hoods direct air toward the radiator to improve cooling. In addition to optimizing performance, Sling points out that by placing the intakes in this area, the engine intake noise is considerably lower.

Honda CB1000 Hornet 2025

In reality, it is the slat covers over the intakes that are key in the new patent application for Sling. Although air intakes on either side of the front of the chassis allow convenient access to the airbox (and air can be channeled to them through the side bodywork), that part of the frame naturally sits at an angle. By the way, in the prototype of the Honda CB1000 Hornet shown at EICMA, the air intakes and grilles were hidden.

Sling has not yet revealed many details about the CB1000 Hornet. According to her, it uses an engine derived from the CBR1000RRwhich generates more than 148 HP and offers greater torque than the CB1000Ra model that will be used to replace in dealerships when production begins.

However, as the name suggests Hornetthe new one CB1000 It is intended to be a more affordable motorcycle than the CB1000Rreplacing the single-sided swingarm of the CB1000R with a new one with a conventional two-sided design and, also, aesthetically abandoning the Neo Sports Café style for a more modern and current appearance.

Other confirmed specifications include a fork Showa 41mm SFF-BP with adjustable compression and rebound damping, and a rear Pro Link connected to a monoshock Showa. Sling It also mentions that there will be three driving modes and that the scoreboard will be a 5-inch TFT with connectivity for Android and iOS. What has not yet been confirmed, but our sources in Japan assure, is that the CB1000 Hornet will arrive accompanied by a CB1000S Hornet semi-faired that will be presented at the end of this year. By the way, the model that we mentioned to you not too long ago.

Honda CB1000 Hornet 2025

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