Honda patents in India the scooter that will make Vespa tremble: the Stylo 160

Sling is the best selling scooter brand in India. In fact, its dominance in this segment has been overwhelming for a long time, thanks especially to the ever-popular Active 110. But what about Honda's higher capacity premium scooters for this market?

We have just learned the answer. The golden wing brand has patented the Honda Stylo 160. The chip that the Japanese were missing on the board of the Indian market. By the way, a model present in the Thai market, and which we already told you about at the time.

It's clear that Indian buyers' desire for larger, premium bikes has grown in recent years. In fact, many prefer to upgrade to a larger scooter rather than a proper motorcycle. The practicality of a flat floor, under-seat storage, along with the unisex design of a scooter, are factors that contribute to this purchasing preference.

Obviously the competition in India is quite fierce. On the one hand, yamaha offers the sports Aerox 155. For another, hero recently launched the Xoom 160 ADV and Aprilia you count on the MR and SXR 160. So that, Sling might be feeling pressured and is considering making a high-capacity scooter for this huge market. And yes, indeed, the Honda Stylo 160 patented could be the solution. It already happens in Thailand with this model.

Honda Stylo 160

This is the Honda Stylo 160

This neo-retro style scooter promises to attract many Indian customers for its timeless design. Among its most notable features are interesting hexagonal LED headlights, round rearview mirrors and turn signals mounted on the C-shaped front apron.

To maximize its plurality, it is offered in six colors: Royal Green, Royal Matte White, Royal Matte Black, Glam Red, Glam Black and Glam Beige. Only the first three color options feature single-channel ABS, while the last three have a CBS combined braking system.

Honda Stylo 160

The rearview mirrors are body colored and Sling Darkened tones have been used on the floor, handlebar grips and seat covers. Depending on the color, Sling It offers telescopic front forks in black or silver and 12-inch alloy wheels in black or bronze. They also include a fully digital instrument panel, full LED-based lighting, Honda Smart Key, USB charger and some more.

Regarding motorization, the Honda Stylo 160 will be equipped with a 156.9 cc, 4-valve, single-cylinder mechanical heart, liquid-cooled, capable of generating 15.4 HP of maximum power and 13.8 Nm of maximum torque. Sling ensures a fuel efficiency of 45 km per liter.

Honda Stylo 160

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