How to avoid back pain when driving

Back pain is one of those pains that surprise us in the middle of the work day and from which we do not get rid of so easily. When we drive, engine vibrations, the stress of being behind the wheel or poor posture can aggravate the pain you woke up with or left the office with.

Therefore, when getting into your vehicle, this pain can be really annoying. So that you can minimize these inconvenient pains as much as possible, we leave you some tips that will help you make your journey more bearable, especially if it is a very long trip.


Before sitting down, remember that you should not let yourself fall on the seat, enter, guiding yourself with your hips to find the most appropriate position within the vehicle and avoid damage and bad posture before starting the mark. You should also not forget that the backrest should not be too far back, you are not in a hammock on the beach.

The inclination must be between 15 and 25 degrees and its height must be around 30 cm between the floor of the car and the top of the seat, while the head is at least 5 centimeters from the ceiling. With these tricks you will achieve greater visibility and make the seat belt even more effective. If you have objects in the back seats, try not to use them until you leave the vehicle to try to avoid poor posture or improper turning.

Seat belt

The seat belt is one of the most important elements inside the vehicle, so you should not forget to adjust it properly to your body. Sometimes the same vehicle is used by several people and each one has a different size. Before starting the journey, check that the belt fits completely to your body: neither too loose nor too tight. Both situations can be dangerous in the event of an accident.

Steering wheel

Nowadays, the vast majority of vehicles have a steering wheel adjuster, so once you have adjusted the seat, get to work with the steering wheel. To facilitate movement you have to have the necessary margin to move freely without having to be too far away or too close.

Our arms should form a 90-degree angle, so that the wrists coincide with the steering wheel without having to take your back off the seat. You should also not forget that the correct position of the hands is V-shapedas if you were marking 10 and 10 on a clock (Or 10 to 2, as you prefer).

Rear view mirrors

Mirrors are vitally important. Knowing what is happening around the vehicle while we are driving is essential for good driving. Therefore, you must regulate them perfectly before starting the journey, both the interior and exterior mirrors.

rearview mirror2

Once adjusted, make sure you have all the visibility necessary to start the journey. Having the mirrors well adjusted will help you avoid having to make sudden turns of the neck, nor have to lean down to see through any of them in complete safety.


The headrest is the eternal curse. Sometimes we do not know very well when it is well regulated and if it is not it can be much more dangerous than you think, since in the event of an accident the neck can suffer a serious cervical injury (known as whiplash).

As we indicated in our tips for placing the headrest, Before starting the journey remember that the upper part must be at the eye height (or ears). Also, you should not rest your head on it, because in that case it will not be effective. Experts recommend that it be at a distance of about 2 cm.

All these small details will help you avoid back pain or not aggravate it if you already have it. Good practice that will not only help your spine but also ensure that you suffer fewer injuries in the event of accidents. Remember that although sometimes it seems like an unnecessary waste of time, it is the small details that can save major disappointments.

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