Hugo Boss wanted to reward his tennis player with a Novus worth 50,000 euros, but his rival in the ATP took it

When the young British tennis player Jack Draper obtained his first victory in the ATP, just a few days ago, he was presented with a personalized unit of the Novus, a mix between an electric motorcycle and e-bike. Indeed, the award was sponsored by Hugo Bossa firm that supports numerous events on the international tennis circuit.

As a curiosity, it turns out that Hugo Boss also saw Matteo Berrettini, the loser in the final. And it was for him, apparently, that the initiative had been prepared, trusting in his victory. However the result was different, as the rising star of British tennis, Jack Draper22 years old, took the win for UK in the final.

With a remarkable display of character and irony, Daniel GriederCEO of the German fashion house, declared: «Unfortunately, this bike goes to the winner. I covered it with the wrong colors, Matteo. Actually, it was for you. So we need to make a second bike in Jack’s colors. Both will receive a bicycle with their colors«.

In response, Draper commented: «They have faith in their player, you know? He’s an incredible tennis player, very good on grass, a Wimbledon final, two-time winner at Queen’s, two-time winner here, it was probably inevitable that he would win… I’ll order my all-black electric bike, like Batman«.

Novus e-bike

This is an electric Novus

Those who wish to take the Novus winner to your garage or living room, you should know that it is a vehicle with a frame, swingarm, fork and wheels (18″) completely made of carbon and that it weighs approximately 75 kg.

Its propulsion is guaranteed by an 18 kW electric motor located in the direct drive rear hub. The 4.3 kWh battery, permanently installed in the lower part of the central frame, ensures a range of approximately 100 km.

Novus e-bike

By the way, we already told you about this e-bike at the time. But it was at the beginning of 2019 when the German company Novus revealed at the Las Vega CES a prototype of its revolutionary electric motorcycle, made of carbon fiber.

With an innovative design and the most advanced technology, it was already anticipated that it would not be an accessible product. Initially a price of 34,500 euros was announced, but Novus has raised the final price to something not insignificant 48,279 euros.

Novus e-bike

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