Hunted two test mules of the new 8-cylinder mounts from Great Wall Motor Company

The new one Great Wall Motor Company's 8-cylinder mega-cruiser takes his first steps through busy Chinese traffic. This confirms that the brand is already working on the final details of the project, and it will probably not take too long to make us participate in the official presentation of the model.

On the other hand, we have learned from our colleagues at Motorrad Online that the Chinese business group already has a brand with which it will launch its new 8-cylinder motorcycle on the market: Souo Motorcycles. In addition, it will not come alone, since the new Asian firm will also unveil a second model at its world premiere.

New Souo Motorcycles 8 cylinders in detail

Looking back we can see how only a year has passed since we first told you about the “Great Wall Motor Company 8 cylinders: the new mega-cruiser they are preparing in China”. Just a few days ago we told you how “The Chinese company Great Wall is going to launch a mega-cruiser with 8 cylinders and it sounds like this beast.”

Now we can confirm that the model is entering its final production phase, the same phase in which the brand is responsible for testing this mammoth 8-cylinder mega-cruiser on the road. Although in the images we have we cannot clearly distinguish the small details that make it up, we can make a general reading of what we can expect.

Hunted a test mule of the new 8-cylinder mega-cruiser from Great Wall Motor Company

To begin with, there will not only be a cruiser-style model using this 8-cylinder engine. The brand is preparing a faired grand touring style variant, which will probably become the second model that we have already told you about. Without a doubt both remind us de facto of the well-known Gold Wing and Valkyrie Rune from Honda, right?

These similarities extend to the cycle and mechanical part, where the chassis that both use is very similar to that used by the Japanese firm's frames. Also the engine, which seems to have added a couple of cylinders to the 1,833 cc engine of the Honda units.

Hunted a test mule of the new 8-cylinder mega-cruiser from Great Wall Motor Company

Following this logic, the new 8 cylinders from Souo Motorcycles should have a displacement of around 2,444 cc and offer a power of around 150 HP. However, the final displacement is expected to be below 2,000 cc.

Other notable details refer to the use of a cardan transmission system, or a double wishbone front suspension system that separates steering and suspension, similar to that of… Can you guess? The official presentation of these two variants of the 8-cylinder Souo Motorcycle model is expected during the course of the Beijing International Motorcycle Show, next May.

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