The electric prototype tribute to the legendary Japanese manga Akira

The motorcycle used by Kaneda, the protagonist of the Japanese manga Akira, has always been a source of inspiration within the world of two wheels, for various designs that have emerged in recent years. He Rapid K-1988 It is the last to arrive on this extensive list, a prototype of an electric scooter presented at the recent Bangkok International Motor Show.

According to Cycle World colleagues, its name refers to Kaneda, hence the “K” and the date on which the first film in the saga was released, 1988. Beyond the acronyms used for its commercial name, the Rapid K-1988 It stands out for its futuristic neo-retro aesthetic, a really low driving position and the EV technology hidden inside.

Rapid K-1988: Past and future marinated in a touch of science fiction

This is propelled by an electric motor 15KW of power, with a maximum peak of 22 KW, capable of catapulting the Rapid K-1988 until the 140km/h. The brand declares a maximum range of autonomy of about 200 kilometers, and clarify that we will need two hours to achieve a full recharge.

In technological terms, the Rapid K-1988 It has, among others, an ABS system and traction control, as well as a double single-sided swingarm acting on both axles. In addition, it uses a rear central monoshock, although everything is conveniently covered by a complete fairing that does not reveal the innards of this striking scooter.

Other technological boasts worth highlighting are, for example, the use of TFT screens. One of them in its natural position, behind the wide handlebars and another further down, right between the area intended for the rider's knees. We can also see how the front headlight is completely faired, maintaining the characteristic design features that Kaneda's motorcycle showed in Akira.

We don't know if it will actually go into series production. The prototype did not show rearview mirrors, a passenger seat or any space to store any type of package. What is clear is that, if the brand manages to launch this Rapid K-1988we are completely sure that it will have a wide legion of followers, lovers of the iconic Japanese anime, willing to get a copy.

Rapid K-1988: The electric prototype tribute to the legendary Japanese manga Akira

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