If you have read that Honda will charge gasoline motorcycles, it is a lie. Honda itself told us

About a month ago, Honda announced in its summary of the business report for 2024, its electrification strategy between now and 2040. And it did so by reaffirming its commitment to a clear electrification objective from now on, especially for what they call them, «small mobility products, such as motorcycles and cars«, and that these are 100% electric or fuel cell.

In view of these words, doubt assailed us. Is Honda thinking about abandoning combustion engines? In cars and motorcycles? The truth is that if we start to think about what the automotive industry has changed in the last 25 years, it seemed crazy for the Japanese brand to set such ambitious objectives for the next 15-20 years. That is why we did what any professional media should do: SPEAK DIRECTLY WITH HONDA.

While we received the official response (knowing Honda, almost certainly directly from Japan), we began to review all the documentation that we and Honda itself have published in their different places. And we always came to the same conclusion: it was not true.

What was certain is that Honda will seek carbon neutrality in its two-wheeled range in the 2040s. It is something we talked to you about a long time ago. And it is also something that Honda maintains in its future roadmap. Even at Honda President and CEO Toshihiro Mibe’s recent press conference, there was almost no mention of motorcycles and everything was focused on cars.

This is what Honda has officially communicated to us about the future of motorcycles

After speaking with Honda Spain, this is the only information that can be taken as true about the future of the Honda motorcycle range:

  • Honda to aim for carbon neutrality across its motorcycle lineup by 2040
  • To achieve this, Honda will have a range of electric motorcycles, but also motorcycles powered by hydrogen (as fuel). And of course, it will continue to maintain its combustion engines (called ICE, Internal Combustion Engine) although surely using other types of fuel, such as biofuels or carbon-neutral fuels.
  • It is impossible for Honda or any manufacturer to know what changes there will be in the coming decades, and also what technological advances. That is why they will adapt, but always with the goal of carbon neutrality as their goal.
  • Honda assumes that the statement they released was not clear enough. When talking about vehicles, it refers solely and exclusively to cars, not motorcycles. And that’s why all the information talks about four-wheeled vehicles, although the topic of motorcycles is lightly discussed at the beginning.

Honda will continue to have combustion motorcycles

Therefore, we will continue to enjoy Honda motorcycles as we have done up until now, and above all, their fantastic range of engines. All of this without ruling out the arrival of new technologies, electric or not, which will diversify their product portfolio so that any customer can find the motorcycle that best suits their needs.

Just as they say:

«Of course, Honda motorcycles will always have features unique to Honda. As with combustion engine motorcycle models, Honda will continue to offer “riding pleasure” with its electric motorcycles. Keep your expectations high for Honda electric motorcycles!«

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