USA is paradise. There we can continue buying such legendary Suzuki models as the GSX-R750

Just a few days ago we told you how Suzuki said goodbye to its most legendary model, the GSX-R1000. News that fell like a bucket of cold water among the most followers of the large displacement sports car segment. The seriousness of the matter was such that the brand even decided to withdraw the model from its local market.

It is clear that those known in popular slang as “Hi-Sport” are not going through their best moment in these times that we have had to live. However, today we get a small glimmer of hope from the US, as the Japanese brand has announced some of the models that will make up its 2025 range and… Surprise!

The Suzuki GSX-R1000 will continue to be sold in the Yankee market

Well, as the title of this article dictates, it seems that the US has become a small paradise for models that seem doomed to extinction in most of the planet. This is the case of the aforementioned Suzuki GSX-R1000, but also of others such as the Intruder range (called Boulevard in the US)

In addition, the Japanese brand will continue to offer the two variants of its current sports car: GSX-R1000RZ and GSX-R1000 2025. The changes between the two are reduced to the suspension system used on the front axle, where the former uses Showa “black leg” equipment. But this is not all, since Suzuki customers in the US market will also be able to enjoy the 600 cc and “seven and a half” variants of the legendary model.

USA, the paradise of sports and custom bikes, maintains legendary Suzuki models

For its part, the custom segment is well covered with up to three options within the Boulevard range, highlighting among them the imposing M109R, or in other words, the Intruder M1800R that we enjoyed on our continent until the 2018 season. Subsequently, only reserved for the Australian and North American markets, and from 2023 exclusively for the latter.

Finally, the well-known Intruder 800 will also be available next season, although under the commercial name Bulevar C50. There will even be a Boulevard C50T Special variant equipped with specific touring equipment, ideal, on the other hand, for crossing the great American plains while crossing from one part of the country to another.

USA, the sports and custom paradise, maintains legendary Suzuki models

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