Indian “Colt”, the new variant within the Chief range that could arrive in 2025

Indian Motorcycles could be working on a new model under the commercial name colt, according to internal documentation recently published by our colleagues at Motorcycle. Apparently it would become part of the Chief range, also using the most powerful mechanics of the American firm.

This new information comes after the recent presentation of the new Scout 2025 range, which we talked to you about in depth just a few days ago. This one, which offers five models and up to three trim levelscombines iconic design, legendary power and driver-focused technology.

Indian Colt 2025: A high-performance Chief

Now everything indicates that Indian Motorcycles could be preparing a new variant within the Chief range. The documents where this commercial name appears in quotes were published on March 13, 2023. Therefore, it is very likely that we will hear from it sooner rather than later.

In any case, and as it is integrated into the Chief range, it may also end up being called by the main name of the Indian commercial category, that is, as “Chief Colt”, or vice versa. In this way, the brand would have up to five different options under the Chief name:

  • Chief Dark Horse
  • Chief Bobber Dark Horse
  • Super Chief Limited
  • Sport Chief
  • Chief Colt? Colt Chief?

Indian "colt"the new variant within the Chief range that could arrive in 2025

Everything also indicates that it could be equipped with a V-Twin mechanics of up to 1,977 cc (122 Ci), along with the brand's well-known 111 and 116 Ci that are already sold in the top-of-the-range models. This makes us think of an improved version of the current Sport Chief, equipped with the aforementioned Thunderstroke 116 air-cooled.

In short, we are talking about an evolution of the Chief range with a high-performance mount and probably with special equipment. Perhaps it could also even be split into different finishing versions, as happens for example with the Dark Horse.

Indian "colt"the new variant within the Chef range that could arrive in 2025

On the other hand, a new model is not expected within the Indian range at least until well into next season. everything points to autumn 2025 as the moment in which perhaps the aforementioned “Chief Colt” to international markets. For now we have to wait until we have some news on the subject.

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