Two times, one lap, one year and one video

In a world where modern living and immediacy are the norm, dedicating an entire year to recording a video and doing it on a 1993 two-stroke motorcycle is not something we are used to, but it is spectacular.

And Carson Brown, two-time winner of the Red Bull Straight Rhythm, has dedicated an entire year to recording a lap of a motocross circuit at the controls of his Honda CR125. A two-stroke relic that maintains all its essence and, as you can see in the video, is still as fast as the first day.

In fact, if we think about the fact that this motorcycle is three decades old and how fast Brown is able to ride it, it seems like a lie. In addition, we must add the efficient and spectacular driving style, and some very well planned, executed and, later, edited video shots.

Environmental changes and two-beat melody

Being able to enjoy the sound of the two-stroke engine while watching the landscape change is a delight for the senses. If the work done is spectacular, the place where everything is recorded is the closest thing to paradise for a motocross and nature lover. Not to be missed, there are mountains and even a river, but it also shows how they all change throughout the year.

Although the most spectacular part is, logically, when everything is snowy, although the truth is that spring with all the green vegetation is spectacular. We also see how the track itself varies with times when it is much drier, dusty or like in autumn, the humidity is perfect to achieve maximum traction.

On this occasion the four seasons are not signed by the maestro Antonio Vivaldi but by Carson Brown, and instead of being performed by violin and orchestra, it is the two-beat melody that is in charge of the sound setting.

But in any case and saving the distance, this is also a masterpiece and you can enjoy it in four minutes instead of more than an hour and a half.

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