Rezon Motorcycles Bohemia, 260 km of autonomy and 140 km/h for an electric A1 made in Europe

With its official presentation, Rezon Motorcycles marks the beginning of a new era, succeeding with great mastery the already legendary, although problematic, Alrendo TS Bravo. In addition, the team of Czech engineers has offered all the necessary explanations about the mishaps that led to the withdrawal of its previous product, and successor to the Bohemiathe TS Bravo. By the way, we already talked to you about this motorcycle at the time.

In the turbulent year 2023, Alrendo Europe ceased its commercial operations, victim of the complications inherent in its relationship with Alrendo Motorcycles China. A year before, Alrendo Europe They had ordered three containers of motorcycles, but they only received two. This was the beginning of the end.

Today, the model TS Bravo of China It continues to be marketed on the most popular online sales platform in China, that is, Ali…, while Alrendo Europe struggles due to a lack of spare parts, thus complicating the maintenance of machines that have already been sold.

In an attempt to overcome this crisis, the Czechs decided that three new motorcycles and two used ones were going to be used for spare parts in the Prague warehouse, although this measure has not been enough to satisfy the demand of the dealers.

However, a ray of hope shines on the horizon. is in the process of transforming into an e-commerce platform, where customers will be able to purchase much-needed spare parts for their motorcycles. Although, as we have learned, the official launch will be next month, in May 2024. But the date remains tentative, given the need to secure new suppliers for certain key parts.

Connor McRaeformer European director of Alrendo and now European director of Grapnelsaid: “We are deeply disappointed and saddened that our cooperation with Alrendo China has come to such a painful end, but it has given us what we need to start our own project, learning from the mistakes of our former business partner. The demand for a motorcycle in this segment still exists and it has been very frustrating not being able to offer our potential customers what we expected.”.

And this is how Rezon Motorcycles Bohemia emerged.

When Alrendo Europe came to an end, a new brand of motorcycles emerged, Rezon Motorcycles. It wasn't alone Alrendo Europe the one who separated from China. In fact, the creator and designer of the TS Bravo He also left to found Grapneltogether with the team of technicians and the company's Development director.

Rezon Motorcycles Bohemia 2024

Jan Vranacommercial director of Rezon Motorcycleshas declared: “After more than 12 months of radio silence, I am proud to announce Rezon Bohemia. “We have been working very hard to fill the gap in the market for a large electric motorcycle with great autonomy for less than 12,000 euros.”.

The Rezon Bohemia It has very interesting features, including a 15.3 kWh battery with a range of 260 km, a maximum speed of 140 km/h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6 seconds. The Bohemia comes equipped with brakes Nissintires Michelin and a 6.6 kW on-board charger.

Rezon Motorcycles Bohemia 2024

The European versions of the Bohemia They will be manufactured in the Czech Republic and will be classified as a class A1 vehicle, which means that anyone with a 125 cc motorcycle license can drive them.

The RRP of this model is 11,899 euros (21% VAT included) and does not include possible government incentives. Grapnel It is already accepting pre-orders and estimates delivery of the first motorcycles to customers in June of this year.

Rezon Motorcycles Bohemia 2024

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