Yamaha XJ600 “TRX style” by The Foundry MC

That sometimes “less is more” is expressed categorically in this incredible preparation of Yamaha XJ600, work of the Madrid specialist The Foundry MC. With Carlos Ormazabal and his team at the helm, according to themselves, are dedicated to recreating “a signature motorcycle” for all those who trust in their talent.

Honestly, and seeing the project carried out on this XJ600, I wouldn't mind having one of his works in my garage. It is clear that it is not necessary to use grandiose elements to achieve a first-class result, where past and present are perfectly combined at the service of visual and dynamic delight.

Yamaha XJ600 “TRX style” in detail

According to Piper Burn's friends, this project began to take shape more than a decade ago, when Carlos was in the process of creating a cafe racer based on a XJ600 1985. Even then I dreamed of a very special preparation type endurancebased on this model, and that is why and as explained by it:

“Over the years and step by step, I bought the TRX850 endurance fairing and a replica of a Yamaha TZ250 tail”. Later, he took over the XJ600 1999, which would serve as the basis for the project, and which he also used and improved for a season before beginning preparation work.

Photos: Yamaha XJ600 "TRX style" by The Foundry MC

Last 2023 the time had come to get down to work and the first thing he did was completely dismantle the XJ600paint the chassis in silver and incorporate a swingarm from a Yamaha Thunderace 1000. Carlos comments:

“A custom Hagon shock, with length, spring and oil adjustment, makes the 180 rear tire grip perfectly to the ground”. At the front, the suspension was lowered by 20 mm and new Hagon components and improved oil were included.

Photos: Yamaha XJ600 "TRX style" by The Foundry MC

Other changes at a technical level that are worth mentioning are:

  • Rebuilt engine
  • Rebuilt carburetors
  • Higher capacity oil cooler
  • Modified exhaust with Yoshimura R1 silencer
  • GSXR brake master cylinder
  • Dunlop tires
  • Modified rear subframe
  • Customized hole to hide the battery and electrical installation under the seat, etc.

And then there was being able to achieve that desired aesthetic, with that Old School endurance touch that makes us sigh at every glance from any view. For this, the aforementioned single-seat tail from a TZ250 was integrated, as well as a specific racing front fairing for TRX850.

Photos: Yamaha XJ600 "TRX style" by The Foundry MC

Embedded in the latter we find a single yellow circular optic and behind it, a complete full-color digital instrument panel loaded with information. Full LED lighting, Foam seat and backrest, handmade license plate holder, metal counterweights or that Marlboro finish So special, as it could not be otherwise, they are the culmination of a project that we dare to say borders on perfection in terms of balance and essence that must emanate from a preparation of this type.

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