Do you know how to take care of the chrome on your motorcycle?

Although they were born to protect the metal parts, the chrome on motorcycles also gained prominence for its aesthetic side. That's why over time there were models in which it was not strictly necessary, but chrome was very present. And they have been like this until the European Union has put an end to its use starting this year.

According to different studies, hexavalent chromium, the material with which chrome plating was made, could cause serious illnesses during the treatment of the parts, although it seems that it is not dangerous for users who have it on their motorcycles. That's why you don't have to take any measures, although if your motorcycle has it you can take advantage of some tricks to make it look like the first day.

The first thing you should know is that, in reality, there are two large groups of chrome called hard and decorative respectively. The difference between the two is the amount of coating that the piece has, and it is usually the one used on the parts that are subject to greater exposure.

Taking care of the chrome on your motorcycle is simple, but laborious…

When it comes to taking care of the chrome on our motorcycle, it doesn't really matter what type of chrome it is. Maintenance is the same and begins with cleaning. The best way to do this is using a microfiber cloth and water. Yes water, there is nothing wrong with using water to clean accumulated dirt. And dirt such as mud, oil, grease… They are a great enemy of chrome plating in the long term. Of course, you have to make sure afterwards that there is no moisture left before the next step.

Pampering your chrome goes beyond keeping it clean. Products can be used to polish it by hand. On the market you will find different types and what you have to look for is that they are compatible with chrome, which in addition to protecting are capable in some cases of eliminating rust or small imperfections that the passage of time has caused to the chrome. Of course, remember to always do it with protected hands and review the instructions for use to ensure that you do it correctly and that it is safe for you and your motorcycle.

If well cared for, chrome parts can practically be mirrors.

Finally, there are those who choose to give this final finish extra protection by using wax. You can use natural or synthetic wax and doing so has more advantages than you could imagine. Not only will it prolong the result of the previous process, but it will also protect you.

There are even synthetic waxes that protect the parts from UV rays, which further extends the life of the chrome so that your motorcycle continues to shine, literally in this case, like the first day.

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