The old Nissan factory in Barcelona could be used by Chery to manufacture in Spain

Back in 2021 we were very saddened by the news about the closure of the Nissan facilities in Barcelona. The Japanese firm ceased its productive activity in our country and left behind a factory that seemed cursed. There have been several interested parties in recent years, but none of them have taken the step to bring it back to life. However, it now seems almost confirmed that it will be Chery Auto who produces in our territoryjudging by the conversations that are happening between the brand, the government and EV Motors (owner of control of the factory).

The Ministry of Industry wait for the news to be confirmed during the next few days, since the negotiations are being positive. With this movement you could recover part of the 1,600 jobs that were lost with the cessation of activity in these facilities in the Barcelona Free Zone. It is still not clear what type of activity they will carry out, it is most likely that they will send all the parts to Spain so that the final assembly of the cars can be done here and not the entire production process, although we will have to wait.

What does seem clear is that They will manufacture the Omoda 5 in these facilities. Both the combustion and electric versions have begun marketing in our country and will also be a source of export for the rest of European markets. It seems that Chery Auto had been in talks to set up its factory in Italy, but that Spain has ended up convincing the Chinese brand more. Will be able benefit from the PERTE Plan to receive aid upon arrival in Barcelona.

With these European incentive funds, they will be able request up to 1.7 billion euros in loans and subsidies for the production of electric vehicles. If all the variables are met, they could start producing this year and it would be great news for the national industry. Besides, the relationship with EV Motors is good and they could be combined. To date, they are using the facilities and allowing Silence to make their electric motors and QEV to carry out their business. Even Chery could be in charge of making the Ebro they have planned.

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