Is Mini considering launching an electric scooter on the market?

The British brand Mini, under the BMW umbrella since 2000, it seems that it could adopt a new role within the German firm. Although it currently continues to market a wide range of vehicles, with combustion and electric engines, it would be possible for it to experiment in new sectors, such as two wheels.

This theory has arisen after an interview given by the General Director of the brand, Stefanie Wurst, to the British media Auto Express. In it she explains that she was invited to get acquainted with the brand new BMW CE 02, and it seems that she came away really fascinated with the operation of the model and its handling.

Mini could take advantage of existing BMW platforms to create its own model

He commented: “I swapped four wheels for two and hopped into the new all-electric BMW CE 02 for an exciting test ride. You can see by the smile on my face how much I loved it!”

Given this reaction, they asked him directly about the possibilities of Mini ended up developing her own motorcycle model, to which Wurst herself replied: “We have them in our family with BMW Motorrad. And they also offer electric versions.”

Is Mini considering launching an electric scooter on the market?

Keep going: “I think this is interesting because it is about urban mobility: BMW is producing a lot in terms of mobility. If we had to do something, I would research the family first and I think this is something I find interesting. “If I have interest in our markets, this is something I would consider.”

For its part, Oliver Heilmer, head of design of the brand, also echoed this topic at the presentation of one of the Mini models at the Beijing Motor Show: “I actually gave the team the task: 'Let's make some bikes to see if they work.' “We try small bikes as much as possible.”

Is Mini considering launching an electric scooter on the market?

And continues: “It's not our experience and they're doing something that says, 'does this work?' And they say, 'I don't know. You can see it well.' “So you can create something that looks like a Mini.” After these statements, and having so close to the recent presentation of BMW CE 02 2024more than one of us wonder if this could not serve as a basis for a future model of Mini. Time will tell.

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