Jaime Alguersuari will be awarded the “Honor Award” distinction at the 2024 MotoTurismo Awards

Jaime Alguersuari Tortajada (Barcelona, ​​April 2, 1950) is an example and reference of the passion for sport, communication and the motorcycle industry in Spain and spokesperson for the Alguersuari family with its three generations linked to the motor.

As a teenager, he began to publish photographs and chronicles in different magazines and newspapers, while at the same time he worked as a motorcycle racer, becoming European Endurance Champion with a Montesa 250 cc and placing himself among the speed elite.

They were the times of Ramón Torras, Santiago Herrero and Ángel Nieto who conquered Europe with their sporting exploits. He actively participated in the most glorious era of the Spanish motorcycle industry.

Brands like Bultaco, Montesa, Ossa, Sanglas and Derbi They made Spanish technique shine throughout the world. Also a time of legendary expeditions such as the Operation Montesa Impalathe Around the world on a Vespa in 79 days of 1962 and the Operation Himalaya with Bultaco Sherpa of 1973.

Jaime Alguersuari, passionate informant

Jaime was a collaborator, editor and reporter for Motociclismo magazine until 1975, covering the World Speed ​​Championship for print media between 1968 and 1975; La Vanguardia, El Mundo Deportivo and Agencia EFE.

At 25 years old, already with notable experience, but above all with enormous enthusiasm, he founded the magazine Solo Moto, the embryo of the Alesport business group, helped by his brother, José María, who, like his father, were renowned sports photographers.

Solo Moto magazine was inspiration, education and emotion for an entire generation of young Spaniards who vibrated with reading its chronicles and reports. The Solo Ruta section echoed all the tourist activity of Hispanic motorcycling.

Solo Moto 30 also published extensive motorcycle travel reports from both amateurs and professionals such as Dennis Noyes, who introduced readers to great motorcycle trips.

Jaime Alguersuari is awarded the “Honor Award” distinction at the 2024 MotoTurismo Awards

Alguersuari, friend of the engineering wizard Antonio Cobas, has been the promoter of a saga of epic drivers such as Aspar, Sito Pons, Juan Garriga and Alex Crivillé. Those who would succeed Álvaro Bautista, Carlos Checa, Jorge Lorenzo or Marc Márquez and who continue with the current ones such as the talented Pedro Acosta.

On the other hand, he developed his role as promoter and creator of sporting events, while his publications multiplied in Solo Auto, Solo Auto 4×4 or Solo Bici, until reaching 19 publications between monthly weeklies and catalogues.

As a promoter with RPM Racing, he created the sporting specialty of the Indoor Trial, the Solo Moto Critérium, the International Superprestige, the Open Ducados and brought the World Superbike Championship to Spain.

In addition, together with Juan Porcar, he was key to the Paris-Dakar rally passing through Spain and the creation of special races in Africa, events and publications in which more than three thousand people collaborated throughout history.

Jaime Alguersuari is awarded the “Honor Award” distinction at the 2024 MotoTurismo Awards

Alguersuari and the motorcycle: A journey through life

Jaime considers the motorcycle trip as the poetry of sport, and reflects it perfectly in his three books: The exciting motorcycling championship (Plaza & Janés Editores). Your son could be a star (Planeta) and his latest work: Pedro Acosta, the 17-year-old world champion.

Alguersuari He has been named the Golden Legend Award of the International La Leyenda Continua concentration in 2022 and legendary rider of the Cheste Circuit 2023. The presentation of the Moto Turismo 2024 honor trophy, which recognizes his contribution to the world of journalism and motorcycles, will take place during the Gala the afternoon of the day June 15, 2024 at the Canfranc International Station (Huesca) Spain.

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