Toprak's latest game is to use a BMW R 1300 GS as if it were a toy

It is difficult for anyone to discover at this point the talent that Toprak Razgatlioglu has on a motorcycle. For years he has delighted us with his driving, sometimes perhaps erring on the side of excessive aggressiveness in the WSBK and taking oil from his mounts. But since he moved to BMW we are being able to enjoy his abilities on other types of motorcycles as well.

A few weeks ago we saw how Toprak gave it his all in an incredible video of wild and extreme off road, and now we can see him on fire on the asphalt, but not with his BMW S 1000 RR but with a BMW R 1300 GS and, in case that was not enough, on a kart circuit.

Probably, both you and I think that the GS is not the best option from BMW to get on a karting track. But Toprak doesn't think the same, luckily for us. Because what the Turk is capable of doing with the motorcycle is impressive.

In fact, it shows that the R 1300 GS is much more versatile than we might expect and that with the right hands it is capable of doing things that most of us would not imagine. What's more, although the video is short, we see how Razgatlioglu handles the motorcycle as if he were on a supermoto.

Attention: do not imitate Toprak at home

In case you were left wanting more with the first video, Mr. “Stoppie” performs a trademark invert, being able to do practically half the curve along the line.

Of course, as much as it may seem like it, the R 1300 GS is not a light motorcycle (237 kg) and that is why you should avoid trying to do these things that the Turk does with the motorcycle. Because reality can be much harsher and we don't even talk about the ground anymore… So if you're left wanting more, hit play again and enjoy!

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