Kawasaki Ninja in “Full restomod” mode

To look into the Japanese culture of restomod in vehicles is to meet preparers of the level of Bull Docker Tagos, and projects as unique as this one Ninja GPZ900R. In fact, it is not the first time that we show you some of the work of this Japanese specialist. A few years ago we did the same with this Kawasaki GPZ900R by Bull Docker Tagos: Restomod “Made in Japan”.

As we explained to you previously, Bull Docker Tagos is not only responsible for recreating a top preparation on any copy of GPZ900R that falls into its hands. They also do so by maintaining the degree of use and versatility that the model possesses in its original configuration. There is no point in recreating a wild customization that cannot then be ridden regularly under normal conditions.

Kawasaki GPZ900R by Bull Docker Tagos in detail

This is the case of this second GPZ900R, fresh from the Bull Docker Tagos facilities, which, in addition to having a beautiful livery in electric blue marinated with silver, is equipped with a host of “black leg” accessories responsible for updating the concept. Ninja to current demands.

That is to say, we fully maintain that Old School essence that a motorcycle as legendary as the GPZ900R exudes, but enjoying the advantages that current equipment elements give us. A formula that is as successful as it is balanced, giving a second life to a veteran with four decades behind her.

Bull Docker Tagos GPZ900R: Kawasaki Ninja in mode "Full restomod"

Mr. Tago comments in this regard to his Autoby colleagues: “The Ninja is a fun bike to ride. When you modify it, you wonder how much it changes! I can see the changes. First of all, it’s interesting. And it can be enjoyed in many ways. It depends on how you modify it and how you use it. I want to make the fun parts of ninjas even more fun. At the same time, I want everyone to know about them.”

The work carried out by Mr. Tago and his team, on examples of Kawasaki Ninja, at their facilities in Isesaki, Gunma Prefecture, has been, as he explains: “It’s not that we specialize in Ninjas, but Ninjas come here often and we take care of them.”

Bull Docker Tagos GPZ900R: Kawasaki Ninja in mode "Full restomod"

This unit in question equips, among others:

  • Tagos/Ninja Bar Z Straight Handlebar
  • 17” Walesspeed TYPE-N wheels
  • Tagos A1 rearview mirrors
  • Carbon fiber front fender
  • Carbon fiber fairing closure casings and mirror caps
  • Galesspeed VRC brake and clutch pump
  • Tagos Premium handmade seat
  • K Factory CNC footpegs and clutch cover
  • Upgraded front fork with Hyper Pro components and titanium inner coating
  • Brembo 4-piston front calipers
  • 300mm diameter Sunstar front discs
  • Brembo GP2-SS CNC two-piston rear caliper
  • Sunstar rear disc
  • K Factory Swingarm
  • Nitron rear monoshock, etc.

Bull Docker Tagos GPZ900R: Kawasaki Ninja in mode "Full restomod"

In the mechanical section, it was decided to completely open the engine and install Tagos x Vossner forged pistons, giving a final displacement of 945 cc, although an update is planned to increase this figure to 985 cc.

In addition, the Bull Docker Tagos team has also installed a new cooling system, with the oil cooler at the bottom and in a horizontal position. The icing on this one “Premium Japanese-style craftsmanship” It features a 4-1 exhaust system made entirely of titanium by specialist K Factory. A true GPZ900R tuning that elevates restomod culture to another dimension.

Bull Docker Tagos GPZ900R: Kawasaki Ninja in mode "Full restomod"

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