Keys to clean the EGR valve correctly

The EGR valve It is a mechanical element that upsets many users. Present in the majority of current vehicles, it is one of the most common breakdowns recorded in workshops. We have already done a complete review of its operation, which could be summarized as being responsible for the recirculation of exhaust gases. It successfully reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, but it is also quite susceptible to breakdown.

The problems arise mainly in diesel vehicles and the fault is that they tend to run at a low rev range. And why is that bad? Well because the Carbon and oil residue can accumulate in the EGR valve causing vehicle malfunction and sometimes more serious breakdowns. Although there are users who decide to cancel it directly, it is not highly recommended and can be discovered in the new ITV tests. Instead we give you a series of tips for good care and cleaning this element.

How to prevent EGR valve breakdowns?

As we were introducing, the biggest enemy of the EGR valve is low revolutions. We know that diesels encourage driving in this way due to the high torque from the bottom. However, we have to get used to raise the revs a little, especially in low gears. At no time is it necessary to force the mechanics or go above the injection cut-out. You always have to do it logically, with the engine warm and without suffering.

Another reason why the EGR valve can break down is when the injection system is not in good condition. Therefore we must also be attentive to the injection maintenance, something that will benefit with lower carbon production and improved fuel consumption. On some occasions the mixture of oil and charcoal also can clog the EGR. Therefore, always top quality oil and in the established measure.

How to clean the EGR valve?

If, despite following the above advice, you notice that your vehicle could have problems with the EGR valve, it is likely that you can fix it yourself with a cleaning. In the new electronic valves it will be a difficult maneuver due to its complexity. But there are still cars with mechanical valves that They are not too complicated. Simply follow these steps to have this element clean again and avoid possible breakdowns.

To begin, with the engine in neutral and the handbrake applied, you must open the hood to disconnect the negative battery cable. Then we proceed to remove the mechanical ventilation ducts, something that can be done with a simple screwdriver. Depending on the car, the EGR valve may be in one location or another. It is normally visible, but you can always use the vehicle manual to locate it.

Once found, you have to loosen the connections to the air supply hose and intake manifold. Then you have to remove the screws that join it to the outlet manifold and remove the rubber gasket, which can be directly thrown away and then replaced with another one. The valve is removed and cleaned, starting with the input and output ports (carburetor cleaner would work). You can use tools to remove adhered remains, but be careful not to scratch the piece. After cleaning and drying, it is placed back in its place, installing new gaskets.

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