KTM hears our prayers and in 2025 the KTM 990 RC R, the orange sports beast, will arrive

KTM takes a step forward with the launch of the powerful range KTM 990 RC R. This motorcycle, which will roll off the Mattighofen production line in early 2025, has the spirit of a superbike but is designed to be used on the road.

This new development fuses Austrian engineering excellence with fierce competitive DNA, offering unrivaled performance tailored to the demands of everyday road use. The KTM 990 RC R immediately satisfies the desires of passionate circuit racing fans and those looking to experience adrenaline in everyday riding.

While the KTM 990 RC R will thrill fans with its road-legal model, its true competitive DNA will intentionally be revealed in early 2025. This prototype will appear as a wildcard in non-scoring European Superbike races, fueling excitement among riders. followers. KTM is committed to developing this new addition to its line in a completely “READY TO RACE” way: through competition.

Additionally, KTM is producing a multi-episode documentary that will show the behind-the-scenes work in the research and development of this bike and its foray into the superbike segment. This exclusive content will offer viewers a rare glimpse into the fast-paced world of the Austrian factory and what it takes to turn an idea into reality. The first episode has already been released and you can see it on these lines or at this link on its exclusive website.

What are you looking for with the KTM 990 RC R?

Over the past fifteen years, KTM has introduced performance-oriented products while expanding its offroad racing expertise to the asphalt realm. The KTM RC8, the KTM RC single-cylinder series and the track-only KTM RC 8C are notable examples. Now, the brand is aimed at motorcyclists looking for a machine born from competition but designed for daily use.

The KTM 990 RC R represents the culmination of years of development, taking advantage of the knowledge gained in MotoGP™ competitions. This bike is the natural evolution of the current KTM RC line and can easily be transformed into a track version, the KTM 990 RC R TRACK Edition, ready for launch in the second quarter of 2025.

This is the KTM 990 RC R

KTM 990 RC R

The KTM 990 RC R, approved for road use, has a 57 kg LC8c engine approved according to EURO5+ regulations, designed to offer a powerful torque of 103 Nm at 10,500 rpm and 128 HP of power. This performance is transmitted through a new compact and ergonomic stainless steel muffler, along with a gear lever prepared as standard for conversion to a track racing configuration.

The steel chassis has been designed to offer excellent dynamic performance, with increased weight at the front for improved steering response. The additional rigidity provides the right feel and stability when accelerating on uneven roads or on a track, while maintaining agility, especially at low speeds. The die-cast aluminum subframe makes the bike easier to handle.

The ergonomics have been meticulously studied to guarantee an optimal connection between the rider and the motorcycle. The fuel tank, adjustable footpegs and fully adjustable WP APEX open cartridge fork combine to deliver an exceptional riding experience. MotoGP-inspired aerodynamic elements provide stability when cornering and during braking, highlighting the bike's competitive heritage.

KTM 990 RC R

The transition to the track version, the KTM 990 RC R TRACK Edition, involves minimal modifications that remove road-approved components and optimize the bike for maximum track performance. These modifications, carried out by KTM at its Austrian facilities, ensure that riders can make the most of the bike's potential in the pursuit of fast lap times. In addition, the ease of maintenance and solid support from official dealers add additional advantages.

The KTM 990 RC R is a revolutionary innovation for fans of the thrill of cornering. It is for those who lean almost touching their knees, and then go to the limit, dragging their elbow to the asphalt on a circuit. “This bike offers power and prestige without an exorbitant price.”

«We can finally unveil our KTM 990 RC R and introduce a truly exceptional motorcycle to dealers in early 2025, which will meet the expectations of countless riders and racing enthusiasts. We believe the KTM 990 RC R will quickly achieve cult status, because it excels at both things it was designed to do. Success will be evident on the track, but the unmatched customer experience on the road will be what truly sets it apart.» says Riaan Neveling, KTM Global Marketing Director.

KTM 990 RC R

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