KTM will stop manufacturing one of its legendary ranges, the two-stroke

KTM's legendary range of 2T enduro models seems to have its days numbered, according to information published by the Italian media Motociclismo Fuori Strada. The reason is none other than future anti-pollution regulations, where the fearsome Euro 6 It is likely to wipe out other models on the current market. Everything is for the planet.

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In 2026, production of the KTM enduro 2T will cease

Everything indicates that the new EXC 2025 range will be the last that the Austrian manufacturer will launch on the market under this legendary two-stroke mechanical configuration. And it is a real shame if we look back and see how the brand has been the one that has fought the most to continue producing this type of motorcycle, investing large sums of money in R&D in this field.

Among the most notable advances is the arrival of electronic injection to its engines in the 2018 season thanks to the system TPI (Transfer Port Injection). Currently, KTM has up to three two-stroke versions within the enduro range, maintaining the variant 300 EXC as your maximum bastion of this offer.

KTM will stop manufacturing one of its legendary ranges, the two-stroke

Undoubtedly, if the two-stroke KTM enduro models end up disappearing in 2026, the options we find within Husqvarna and GASGAS will also disappear with them. We talk of course about the TE and EC in their respective engine and equipment versions comparable to those offered by the orange brand.

In any case, we will have to wait for the next few weeks to see the course of events. We already know that when it comes to “green policies” our leaders continually change their minds, as they see fit, so we could have last-minute news regarding upcoming anti-pollution regulations. Cross our fingers.

KTM will stop manufacturing one of its legendary ranges, the two-stroke

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